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Sweet Thanksgiving Side Dishes With Turkey Cinnamon Rolls

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Breakfast Ideas

This year try why not try adding some sweet Thanksgiving Side Dishes to your Thanksgiving Menu. We’ve all been there with year after year Thanksgiving meals are your tired and true family recipes. It’s about the comfort food you’ve come to love and look forward to and that’s why so many of us look forward to the holiday but this year it’s time to add something new to the table while making it fun for everyone with our tasty and sweet Thanksgiving side dishes in the form of Turkey Cinnamon Rolls.

Thanksgiving Side Dishes Breakfast Ideas In most homes, rolls are a staple on every table for your Turkey Day meal but with Turkey Cinnamon Rolls young and young at heart alike will gobble these up.  And the best part is that these adorable sweet Thanksgiving side dishes don’t have to be just for the main event. Turkey Cinnamon Rolls are perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner or for that midnight snack when you’re hungry all over again. Add this to your other Thanksgiving side dishes of stuffing, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes and a host of others, you’ll have the best selection of Thanksgiving side dishes every plated. Even better, they don’t have to be just for Thanksgiving because Turkey Cinnamon Rolls is a fun addition for any time of the year and something the entire family can make together.  Here’s just how easy it is to make these adorable cinnamon rolls that are sure to take your repertoire of Thanksgiving side dishes to the next level.

Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas



Cinnamon Roll Turkeys 


•Grand Sized Cinnamon Rolls

•Icing (included)

•Candy Eyes

•Candy Corn

•Red Round Sprinkle 

•Pretzel Sticks

•Package Pre-Cooked Bacon


Thanksgiving Side Dishes Breakfast Ideas

  • On a baking sheet, bake cinnamon rolls as instructed on the package.
  • Ice with icing.
  • Take your pre-cooked Bacon and cut each piece in half. The bacon you purchase pre-cooked works better since the bacon will stand nice and stiff! 
  • Take 3 halves of bacon and stick them in the cinnamon roll as feathers.

Thanksgiving Breakfast Ideas

  • Place two candy eyes on the cinnamon roll.
  • Now place candy corn & red sprinkle on the cinnamon roll to create a beak. 
  • Stick a few pretzel sticks through the bottom to create feet.

Thanksgiving side dishes just got a lot more fun with these easy to make, Turkey Cinnamon Rolls but trust me when I say that your family will love these so much it’s best to make lots of extras or freeze a second batch to have on hand. What’s your family’s favorite part of Thanksgiving?