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Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day Celebration Ideas

Galentine's Day

With February almost here, that means so is Valentine’s Day a very special Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for you and your friends. Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching which means it’s also time to start planning your Galentine’s Day Celebration Fun! But what’s a gal to do if this year they’re celebrating February 14th on their own? On a holiday that’s all about love, what’s better than being surrounded by loved ones and hence Galentine’s Day is born. It’s the perfect way to celebrate you, along with family and friends while reminding yourself that each and every day should be a celebration.  

Galentine's Day- Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas These Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day celebration ideas include themes, décor, and activities for a unique get-together. No matter how you choose to celebrate February 14th with, even if it’s just you and some of the gals, there’s no better time than to put together and throw a fun and festive get together that makes everyone feel included. Use Valentine’s Day as a reason to celebrate all kinds of love, not just romantic love! Sweet treats for Galentine's Day- Valentine's Day Celebration IdeasAnd with our fun and simple to use Galentine’s Day celebration ideas, you’re going to want to carry on the tradition throughout the year. So let’s get our Galentine’s Day  Valentine’s Day Celebration ideas for you and your friends started:

Card Making Station

Easy to Make Valentine's Day IdeasLeave some paper, markers, and decorative items on a table for your guests to make Valentine’s Day cards. They can give these cards to their loved ones, other party guests, or you can arrange for them to be sent to a local hospital or nursing home. Spread some love through creativity!

Board Games

Board Games Family NightIf you have enough board games at home, set them up and host a game night over Valentine’s Day weekend. While you should have a couple of games that involve more than 2 players, including some 1-on-1 games, you can nurture more personal conversations. Or better yet, start a Bunco group and let the laughter and fun begin and start a monthly Bunco group.

Movie Night

Movie Night Family Fun NightHost a movie night with popcorn, movie theater snacks. Invite your guests to show up in pajamas, and drop some pillows and blankets on the floor to create a slumber party vibe. Take some movie suggestions from your friends – they may know of a great film that you’ve never even heard of!

Sundae Bar

Build Your Own Ice Cream Sundaes

Indulge in some ice cream at your party with a create-your-own sundae bar. Include traditional flavors, fun toppings, and enough disposable bowls for several servings. Ice Cream Sundae PartyPour the toppings into a bowl, each with their own spoons for your guests to serve themselves.

Cupcake And Sweet Treats Fun Swap

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Have your friends come over for some cupcake and sweet treat fun swap. Have each of your friends bring over a dozen or two of their very favorite Valentine’s Day cupcakes, cookies, brownies or sweet treats or better yet, have them bring the recipes and have a massive baking night. At the end of the night, everyone can take home a sampling of each of the treats. It’s a win-win any way you look at it! 

Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth FunThere is nothing that is more fun than a Photo Booth and it’s easier to create than you think! Could one of your walls serve as a great backdrop for Instagram photos? Set up a “photo booth” near that wall by setting up a table with photo booth props. You can buy a pack of props off of Amazon, create your own quirky signs, or even add a large stuffed animal for guests to pose with for photos.

 Crafting Fun

Crafting Ideas

Think back to the fun you had back in elementary school when the teacher would put a box filled with crafting treasures on the table and let you create anything you wanted! Now you can recreate that magic. Easy to make craftsWith a few simple items from the Dollar Store such as foam hearts, plants, photos frames, plain vases, the possibilities are endless of what your friends can make while at the same time, creating memories that will last long after Craft Night is over.

At-Home Spa Night

Galentine's Day- Valentine's Day Celebration IdeasValentine’s day is all about love, and that includes self-love! Invite your friends over for a night of face masks, manicures, and self-indulgence. If you have a friend who sells self-care products, this is a great opportunity for them to let people sample their products – they may even make a sale! Paint and Sip

Paint Night

Paint NightCafés, art studios, and other small establishments sometimes host “paint and sip” nights. At these events, guests are served wine while they complete a painting project. Arrange to go to one of these events with your friends, and see who can come closest to the original painting! Alternatively, you can host your own paint and sip event with some blank canvases, acrylic paints, disposable paint palettes, and your favorite drinks.

Galentine's Day- Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas

Our Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day celebration ideas for just us gals brings into focus that February 14 is all about celebrating family, friendship, and all other kinds of love. Throwing a party is a fun, casual way to celebrate this holiday that’s associated with deep emotions. Galentine's Day Valentine's Day Celebration Ideas For You And Your Friends

It’s time to spread some love through good food, fun, laughter, and good company! What are some of your best ideas for bringing our Galentine’s Day Valentine’s Day celebration with you and your friends to life?