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Experiencing Napa Valley’s Famous Castle- Catello di Amorosa

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All visits to Wine Country must include experiencing Napa Valley’s famous Castle-Catello di Amorosa-The Castle of Love In California’s wine country there is a rivalry between Sonoma and Napa county.Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

It isn’t dangerous just good friendly competition. The best part is that we all win in this rivalry because it keeps all the wine producers constantly trying to be the best! As a Sonoma county resident, I try to stay loyal when going wine tasting. But, when family and friends come to visit, there is a must-see place that rivals any Castle in Italy. Catello di Amorosa, the Castle of Love.

Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

For those of you who like to walk the path of the stars, you will find several places that look very familiar. The Catello di Amorosa really offers something for everyone.

Catello di Amorosa

I always prefer to drive but, if driving isn’t for you then hop aboard the Wine Train and enjoy the experience of lunch aboard the 100-year-old train cars! This is a great experience. You travel through the train with each course. Those stopping for wine tastings are dropped off along the route. One of the best experiences is taking the train to the Castle, even for a local!

Looking down into one of the courtyard areas nestled around the castle grounds.

But if trains are not your thing then maybe rent a convertible for the day! Put the top down and enjoy the scenic drive. When driving there you have to prepare yourself to drive the narrow and windy road that weaves through the beautiful vineyards and over the hills that drop you into Napa Valley, ever heard of it,

Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

I didn’t think so! The entrance to the valley is spectacular, in the morning the coastal fog is still lingering overhead allowing a bit of chill to the air. You pass the famous Napa Valley sign and then without much notice, you drive up a hill. Anyone who knows strategic planning knows that the advantage is always to the higher ground.

When you arrive you feel like you have been transported to Italy. The details were not lost when, owner, Dario Sattui decided to build Castello di Amorosa.  It is an authentically recreated 13th-century castle. From the chapel to the torture chamber the labyrinth of tunnels that wind around the castle is mind-blowing for modern construction. The only giveaway that it has been built in the recent century is the fire suppression systems and codes that they had to follow. I have personally taken the tour on three separate occasions and each time the guide was extremely knowledgeable and charismatic. They do a great job of keeping all their guests entertained and ensuring a great experience.

Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

After you complete your hour-long tour you are taken through a 45-minute tasting of five of their Italian style wines. They have a little something for everyone, from the very sweet Il Ducale to their Cabernet Sauvignon. For and extra treat splurge and do their chocolate and wine tasting. A special part of the tour and tasting for me is to do a barrel tasting and see how the wine is still developing and then trying the same wine during the tasting to see how it has matured.

Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

When taking the tour make sure to ask about its filmography, I know some fans of  The Bachelor that might recognize a few of the rooms at the Catello di Amorosa! Not a fan of The Bachelor, well stream Bedtime Stories and you will definitely see some parts of this famous castle.  If you love Halloween then you should plan a trip to the castle’s Pagan Ball, it is the biggest Halloween celebration in wine country!

Catello di Amorosa-The Cast of Love Napa Valley Wineries

For more information on visiting the Napa Valley area check out the links below. If you are in the area let us know. We would love to see what you thought of your experience. Other than the Catello di Amorosa, the Castle of Love, what are your favorite Nape Vally wineries?