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Easy To Make Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Wreath

Easy To Make Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Wreath

October is here and you’re going to want to kick off the season with our easy to make Haunted Mansion inspired Halloween Wreath. There is no greater holiday, yes holiday, for me than Halloween. It is the one time of year when we enjoy the thought of being just a little scared, and not only that but where you can be anything you want. The joys of this great holiday are accompanied by the celebration of pumpkin everything and the change of the air. The smell of leaves, the cool morning air, it really is a marvelous thing!

MickeyÕs Not-So-Scary Halloween Party Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Celebrating this magical time of year gets even better with a trip to one of the Disney Parks to join them in their Halloween celebrations! They really are worth the trip! But if you can’t visit the magic, you can create your own! For me, the anticipation of the change of the Haunted Mansion is something that I eagerly count down the days to so a Haunted Mansion Halloween Wreath is a natural extension for me. 

My favorite parts of the mansion, all of it. From the stretching room to Madame Leota, and of course the Hatbox Ghost! I wanted to create a unique spooky Haunted Mansion wreath that would welcome my guest into my home. It fits me perfectly!!!

Madame Leota Haunted Mansion Walt Disney World Disneyland

  • Dollar Store Supplies:

    -wire wreath frame (10″)
    – Black glitter twig sprays (3)
    -2 pack of emergency candles
    – black and purple roses (1 each)
    – ribbon
    – spiders

  • Craft Store Supplies:

    – deco mesh in black (2 small rolls)
    – water globe or large plastic ornament
    – 2 sprays of purple leaves
    – tombstone miniature
    – black wooden sign

  • Thrift Store Supplies:

    -doll head, extra ribbon, & wig

  • General supplies needed:

    – hot glue gun
    – wire
    -Cricut (or other vinyl cutting machine)
    -white vinyl adhesive sheet

Disney Inspired Crafts

Let’s get to work! The first step is starting the deco mesh, to add the deco mesh you basically braid it onto the wreath. Then I added my ribbons and this cool stretchy mesh I found at the craft supply store.

Disney Inspired Crafts

The haunted mansion colors will make the other elements stand out. Now to add some of the fun stuff! I always lay everything out to ensure that it is balanced. To represent Constance’s bridal bouquet I am using the purple roses and the glittery leaves. I want the tombstone to represent both the outside queue area and also the graveyard inside. The water globe will get the doll head and wig added for Madame Leota. Then in the center, I want the “welcome” sign.

Disney Inspired Crafts

To attach the flowers I wired and hot glued them directly to the metal frame to ensure that they don’t shift when the door opens and closes. The deco mesh should never be used as an attachment because it is loosely woven and can shift. Next, I added a few of the black roses around the frame. After that, I attached the tombstone. It is made of resin so I wanted to make sure that this was firmly attached. This is not a time to save on glue! Once it was cooled and safely attached I attached the base of the water globe. The globe base screws on, by putting the base flat against the frame, it achieves the floating effect that Madame Leota is known for. I love the candles that light our way through the mansion so it was important for me to have candles on the wreath. I added them above and below Madame Leota so she has a little glow for effect.

This could be a single wall hanger, but I am going to use it as the centerpiece of my wreath.

Lastly, I made the welcome message for the center. I chose the phrase “Welcome Foolish Mortals” and then below it “999 Happy Haunts”. This was so fun to make and hopefully, it inspires you to make one of your very own! Any fan of Disney Parks will definitely appreciate the special details that are in the wreath. Kick October off bootifully with our Easy To Make DYI- Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Wreath  What is your favorite attraction or movie? Tell us and it could be featured in our next craft project!