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EASY To Make Christmas Tree Baubles With The Kids

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are finally here and today we want to show you how to create easy to make Christmas Tree Baubles with the kids for your tree.

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

The best part is that you probably have most of the materials that you need already.  There is nothing better than creating those important family memories through the years and creating new traditions and creating new ones and sitting down together to design and make our Christmas Tree Baubles will give you a new tradition that you can carry on even as your children have children of your own.  It’s so fun to do on a cold winter day or when the family is all together. It’s the perfect way to spend an evening or afternoon so let’s get started!

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles


Decoupage baubles 

Christmas pattern decoupage paper

Mod podge and brush

Christmas color ribbon ⅓”

White paint



Elastic bands


Step 1)

If you are using paper napkins, or your patters have light colors in them, you will first need to paint your baubles white. If you apply the paper without painting them, the lighter colors could turn see-through. 

Step 2)

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Once the baubles have dried take your pencil and draw two lines that cross over at the top and bottom of the bauble. This will give it four equal sections. 


Step 3)

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Apply Mod Podge to one-quarter of the bauble. Before it dries, place your paper over it, ensuring it sticks to all of the quarter. Don’t worry if the paper creases or wrinkles, this will happen because of the shape!

Step 4)

Using your scissors, cut the paper as close to the bauble as possible. Don’t worry about raw edges, these will be covered by the ribbon. 

Step 5) 

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Place the paper you just used over the other pieces of paper, and use the gap in the first piece of paper as a template to cut out other sections to use. 

Step 6)

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Apply paper to each section in the same way. Apply Mod Podge to the quarter, apply the paper, and cut it as close to the quarter as possible. If you have several patterns you can have so many combinations!


TIP: Do one section of each bauble at a time so they have time to dry. 


Step 7)

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Once you have covered each bauble and they are all dry it’s time to apply the ribbon!


Take one of the ribbons, and wrap it around the bauble, then cut it. Use this as a guide to cut the other pieces of ribbon. Then, allocate two piece of ribbon to each bauble. 


Step 8) 

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Once you have done this, take two of the ribbons and line all of the ends up. Cut a point in them so it looks like an arrow. 


Apply Mod Podge to the bauble where each section meets and apply the ribbons. To keep them in place, wrap an elastic band around them. 


Step 9) 

easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

Wait for them to dry! easy to make  Christmas Tree Baubles

It’s easier to dry them when they are hanging. Use a kebab stick or something similar to dangle them over the edge of a surface. Alternatively, you can place them on top of a glass. It’s just that easy! What easy-to-make Christmas Tree Baubles will you create with your family?