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Disney DIY- Craft Your Own Backyard Disney Magic

Disney Backyard Signs

It’s time for a little bit of magic with some Disney DIY. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to craft your own Backyard Disney Magic?  Part of the magic of Disney is the attention to detail and that nothing is overlooked when it comes to the art of telling a story. Whether you’re in Adventureland or Fantasyland or see the scroll of your favorite Disney movie, each comes with its own distinctive styling and look, and as soon as you see it, magic sweeps through you. I know I always wanted to bring home the magic of Disney right to my own house and now here’s an easy Disney DIY project you can try for yourself.  These days we are all on Pinterest, Etsy and other crafting sites.   Something caught my eye on Pinterest and I decided to infuse a little bit of Disney DIY magic to try to make my very own.


Easy Disney inspired Craft projects

I had my father in law cut 1/2 inch thick wood pieces into different lengths varying from 7 – 13 inches long.  I polled the family for favorite attractions but only at our favorite park – Magic Kingdom.  then I painted logos/signs for each of the attractions using acrylic paints and a steady hand.  I used a finishing spray so that my Disney DIY-inspired project will last in the great outdoors

Disney Inspired Craft ProjectsWhat are your favorite Disney signs and how could you use them to transport your backyard into a place of magic and wonder?