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7 Not To Miss Things When Visiting Washington

If you’re heading west we have our 7 not to miss things when visiting Washington. Washington State isn’t lacking in awe-inspiring beauty. From the infinite waves that wash ashore on the pristine beaches of the west coast to the agricultural paradise with rolling hills as far as you can see in the east, who could challenge Washington as the most beautiful state? It’s hard to choose only 7 most beautiful things to see in Washington, but I narrowed it down to these top sites. 

San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands

An appealing sanctuary and an escape from the commotion of everyday life, the San Juan Islands offer a wealth of outdoor activities in a majestic landscape. So whether you want to watch Orcas in their natural environment, take a scenic hike in the national park, delight in fresh seafood, or kayak the pristine waters, there’s something for everyone at the San Juan Islands.  

Mount St. Helens National Monument

Mount St Helens 7 Not To Miss Things When Visiting Washington

Years ago, no one would have thought that Mount St. Helens would boast hundreds of miles of trails that allow access to an enchanting landscape marked by stunning summer wildflowers, new lakes, green forests, massive mounds of rock and ash, and an increasing volcanic pit bordered by Washington’s newest glacier. This is a wonderful trail to acquire an understanding of the destructive impact of the eruption of Mount St. Helens and to be astonished at the force of nature’s come back.   

 Snoqualmie Falls  

 Things When Visiting Washington Snoqualmie Falls

At 268 feet high, Snoqualmie Falls is taller than Niagra Falls and is one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in the US. The gushing falls is a vision to behold and also a significant source of naturally produced hydro-electric power for the area. The waterfall has enticed daredevils who have parachuted into the canyon or walked across a tightrope—some successfully and others to their death. Snoqualmie Falls was in the popular craze television show “Twin Peaks”. The Falls are a hallowed place for Native American’s culture and spirituality.

Mt. Rainier National Park

 Things When Visiting Washington

A trip to Washington State isn’t complete without a Mount Rainier adventure. In the springtime, you can wander through a mild interior rainforest and in the summer you can take an epic hike through the wildflowers and see the breathtaking waterfalls. The fall colors are sensational and during the winter, you can take an idyllic trip down the slopes, snowboarding or skiing. Fall in love with the awe-inspiring world-class scenery that redefines astonishing. You’ve seen the postcards, now make your memories! 

Discovery Park

Discovery Park 7 Not To Miss Things When Visiting Washington

Seattle’s Discovery Park, at over 500 acres, is an outstanding site for a variety of reasons with over 2 miles of hidden beaches, open fields, and rugged cliffs. Sit atop a peak gazing upon the water, have a picnic in one of the fields, or take an epic hike to the pristine beach where you will find a historic lighthouse. You can spot Mt. Rainer and part of Seattle while relaxing on the beach.

Hall of Moses 

Hall of Moses 7 Not To Miss Things When Visiting Washington

An unmistakable hiking trail in the Hoh Rainforest, the Hall of Moses, appears to be snatched straight out of a fairy tale. The trail is packed with a blend of bigleaf maples and Sitka spruces covered in green and brown moss. There is an out of this world 200-foot side trail that leads to a charming woodland of massive maple trees, draped in moss. Make sure you add this wondrous spot to your bucket list. 

Beacon Rock

Beacon Rock 7 Not To Miss Things When Visiting Washington

Beacon Rock, an enormous landmark, is a basalt column that shaped the center of an ancient volcano. It catapults a demanding 800 feet out of the Columbia River. Given its present name by Lewis and Clark, it is known to the natives as Cheche op tin, “Navel of the World”. The Missoula Floods ripped through the gorge and left behind the extraordinary monolith we see today. 

our 7 not to miss things when visiting Washington.There are so many things to see and do in this beautiful state and hopefully, it will encourage to get out and explore the magnificent wonders of this world.  What would you add to our list of our 7 not to miss things when visiting Washington?