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5 Extras To Bring With You On Your Next Disney Cruise

About to sail off on a Disney Cruise? Before you set sail, make sure you don’t forget these 5 extras to bring with you on your next Disney Cruise. It seems inevitable, every time I go on vacation there’s always one or two things I wish I had brought. But after sailing with Disney a number of times I think I have packing down to a science. This is my top 5 list of “extras” to bring that will make your cruise smooth sailing and allow you to spread magic to others.

Disney Wonder Disney Cruise Line Castaway Cay

1) Something to be autographed – You can spend a lot of your time hunting down individual character autographs, or you can relax by the pool while Guest Services does the work. At the start of your cruise, drop off a picture frame, matting, pillowcase…whatever you would like signed to Guest Services, then pick it up fully autographed at the end of your cruise.


2) Singles – I’m talking money here, not people.  Most everything is included in the price of your cruise, and what is not included is charged to your room. But there are a few times when you’ll be happy to have cash on hand. When you are boarding the ship as well as debarking, you will find workers to help you transport your bags. They like tips! And if you order room service during the cruise, your delivery person will also accept a tip.Saving Money


3) Pirate attire – Ahoy mateys! Be ye ready t’ party like pirates? Disney supplies all cruisers with a bandana during dinner and will sell costumes on board, but if you want to save yourself time and money, bring pirate gear from home. Your fellow cruisers run the gamut dressed in just the bandana and an eye patch, to full-out Captain Jack Sparrow. Be prepared.
Pirate Attire Disney Cruise
4) Sand Toys – This is one of our favorite ways to spread the magic. We bring a bag of toys from home and write on the inside in permanent marker “Enjoy your cruise, from your Chicago friends.” Then we leave the toys on Castaway Cay and watch as the younger cruisers pick them up and play all excitedly.  Plus, there’s no harm if you use them first 

Castaway Cay Disney Wonder Disney Cruise Line

5) Door Decorations – There’s nothing more festive than decorations, so why not let everyone know you’re celebrating by decorating your stateroom door. It can be something as simple as a happy birthday sign to full outdoor coverage. Once again we like to spread a little magic by putting fun decorations (Mickey heads, Jolly Rogers, etc) on random doors. We have also put a whiteboard on the door to leave each other messages as to where we are. Sometimes other cruisers leave a note, all in good fun! Just remember, Disney does not want tape on their doors. Make sure your decorations are magnetic. Please be aware that although Fish Extender gifts have been a tradition on Disney Cruise Line for many years, it wasn’t surprising when the notice went out on Disney’s “Know Before You Go” page that Fish Extenders are not permitted at this time but be sure to keep checking on for the current information. 
Disney Cruise Magnets DisneySMMC
With the launch of the newest addition to the Disney Cruise Line, the Disney Wish have you sailed with Disney before and what other things you like to bring? 
Castaway Cay Disney Wonder Disney Cruise Line