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10 Ways To Cope With Your Daily Anxiety

There are times in our life when we’ve all had to cope with our daily anxiety. We’ve all been there where the day to day life brings our life to a halt and make that conscious decision that in order to keep going, that we have to find different ways of being able to get through the day and cope with this daily and sometimes overwhelming anxiety that we all face at some point in our life.

Coping With Daily Anxiety

As a human, we often become fearful about future events, situations, and things that could happen beyond our control. We also try predictive thinking that can often lead to our minds wondering about the possibilities of things that could happen. Sometimes the thoughts aren’t always a pleasant ending. The feeling of apprehension and suspicious can plague our thoughts daily. This is anxiety.

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Having sessions of anxiety can lead to an increased heart rate, poor concentration, sleeping problems, and becoming increasingly agitated or irritable.

So how can we cope with daily anxiety? Keep reading to find out.

#1. Eating healthy

Coping With Daily Anxiety Healthy Eating

Although there are not any specific diets that can cure anxiety. Eating well-balanced meals, drinking plenty of water, adapting to eating healthier may lead to less anxiety. What you eat can have some effect on your mood and disposition. For example;  carbohydrates can increase the amount of serotonin in your brain, which can induce a calming effect.

#2. Decluttering your surroundings every day

Coping With Daily Anxiety

Physical clutter can affect how we feel as well. When your surroundings are free of clutter, it can help you physically relax. Having an open, clutter-free space to live in genuinely may open your creative abilities and may allow you to free your stress.

#3. Getting rest

Sleep Coping With Daily Anxiety

Getting a good night’s rest is imperative to proper brain and emotional health. Sleep deprivation may lead to psychological deficiencies.  A restful night’s sleep on a regular basis may promote good mental health.

#4.  Laughing at the funny things

Laughter has always been the best medicine, right? That is what people always say. Well, it is true. Laughter may reduce intrusive feelings of anxiety. Although anxiety is not funny, finding something funny to laugh at can become a good coping skill.

#5. Meditation to clear the mind

Meditation-Coping With Daily Anxiety

One way to cope with anxious thoughts and anxiety is to clear your mind.  Meditation is a way to calm your overactive cognitive thinking.  When you practice mindful meditation, it can teach you to focus on your clearing your mind and may allow you to stop your distressing thoughts.

#6. Breathing calmly

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Did you know when you are feeling anxious your heart rate and breathing rate will increase?  Taking slow methodical deep breaths may diminish the anxiety entirely in the moment. Breathing exercises are a proven way to cope with anxiety.

#7. Writing down your anxious thoughts

Journal Writing Journaling

Take time to write down your thoughts when you are feeling anxious. Sometimes when we are stricken with anxiety, our thoughts become unclear and you can become confused and distraught. Although, when writing your thoughts down, they may not make sense, it can help you decipher them later.

#8.  Aromatherapy can ease your nerves

Aromatherapy Lavender Coping With Daily Anxiety

Smelling calming aromas may let you gain some mental clarity during times of anxiety. There are many scents associated with having a calming effect. Some examples are lavender and chamomile. You can also check into diffusing different essential oils.  Using aromatherapy may help you dilute negative thoughts and cope with anxiety.

#9.  Influenced by others

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The company you keep can play a massive role in your anxiety. Being around people that don’t empower you, make you better, or offer true friendship, can lead to anxiety. You become more enticed on what they think about you than how  they are making you feel. Keep your circle of friends small. Having true friends will give you an opportunity to vent your fearful thoughts, without ridicule.

#10. Positive thinking can save the day

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Sometimes, thinking and dwelling on situations or thoughts can produce negative thoughts. Try to find something positive about what is happening. It is easier said than done. Just pinpointing one positive thing can lessen perceived thoughts of anxiety. Think and remain positive!

Walt-Disney-Quote-It isn’t possible to live solely on positive thinking, but remember if anything else- this shall too pass. These feelings are only temporary!  Anxiety can be coped with and doesn’t have to ruin your day. Learning these coping techniques can help ease your daily anxiety.

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Anxiety may become a serious condition. Please see a medical professional for medicinal ways to curb you anxiety.

Can you share a way that you cope with daily anxiety?