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You’ve Got Mail – Writing to Disney Characters

Are you getting ready for your dream vacation to Walt Disney World?  Do you have a countdown posted in every corner of your house?  Or are you suffering from PVLD Post Vacation Let Down?  Here’s the solution to either, did you know that you can write to some of your favorite characters and hear from them in return?  

Here’s what we did in my Second Grade Classroom:

First we brainstormed our favorite Disney Characters.  (note:  with the Star Wars craze hitting my seven year olds hard – I had to ban the use of Star Wars characters… we’ll save that for another lesson)

Here is the list of our favorite DISNEY characters:

disney list

(don’t judge the spelling – some through me for a challenge!)

Then we reviewed parts of a “friendly letter” because not everyone uses email these days!


Then we were off to write our letters!




We added illustrations using my collection of stories for reference.

collage 2


Although we have a classroom mailbox, we addressed the envelopes to bring to the post office.  We are learning how to write our own addresses in class but we decided to use our school address instead so we can share our return responses.  

class disney

We used the address below.  You can do the same thing to hear from your favorite Disney characters.  

Walt Disney World


P.O. Box 10040

Lake Buena Vista, FL


We But until then… can’t wait to see what are favorite Disney characters have in store for us.  But until then, we will be waiting for that important announcement over the intercom that says…

Mrs. Giardi

You’ve Got Mail!

Now that’s a lesson with Character!