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Xel-Ha’ An Oasis In Playa del Carmen In the Riviera Mexico

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Xel-Ha’ An Oasis In Playa del Carmen In the Riviera Mexico is that special slice of heaven. What if I were to tell you that there was a place, that special place where you could go there for the day and do everything or nothing at all, or both? Xel-Ha’ An Oasis In Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Mexico is just such a place.

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

A place where hammocks awaited you, your inner tube for a lazy river through the jungles was ready for you to board and then to change the pace off, how about a cliff to jump off of into the pristine waters below?  Now what if I were to tell that during your day there, everything from snorkel equipment to hammocks to food and drinks were all included in one low price!

Xel-Ha Experiencias Xcaret


 Well dream no more because this dream of a place really does exist- welcome to the world of  Xel-Há. one of the four beautiful eco-theme parks that make of Xcaret in Playa del Carmen in the heart of the Riviera Maya. Designed with the water enthusiast in mind,Xel-Há.  offers the best in a day of pure relaxation blending your favorite aqua-themed activities, with pampering and the best food to be found.

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Looking for that out of the ordinary experience to make it a perfect day, at Xel-Há you can arrange to not only swim with the dolphins and have them take you for the ride of your life, but get up close and personal with manta-rays and learn all about these often misunderstood creatures of the deep.  

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Searching for something a little more tranquil? What about a tranquil spa treatment or for a more exotic experience, the fish pedicures await you.  

Water Activities Bound:

Xel-Ha Experiencias Xcaret

If you love being in the water, or around the water,Xel-Há. is the park for you. Here you can embark on a snorkeling adventure where you can observe more than 90 marine species such as angelfish, surgeonfish, damselfish, snapper, parrotfish, grouper, sergeant major, a family of rays, pufferfish, some barracudas and the queen conch, a protected species that inhabits the cove of Xel-Há. on the River Maya.

Xel-Ha Experiencias Xcaret

 Here you will witness  the phenomenon of the halocline and thermocline, a visual and temperature effect resulting from the mixture of the dense sea water with fresh water from the rivers and waters so clear and pristine that you can see forever, it makes for a perfect snorkel kind of day.  The best part-all snorkel equipment is providing-when they say all-inclusive, they mean just that.  Or, why not try seeing all of it as you float through the jungle in your own inner tube as you drift through the jungles and emerging where the lazy river mets the sea.  

Xel-Ha Experiencias Xcaret

Seeking something different thousands of years in the making? Look no further than going for a swim in the Mayan Cave which is a unique covered cenote. The further you go into the cave the waters reveal a mysticism of the past. At Xel-Há, the Mayan Cave is considered a sacred place, where water transmits energy through its lighting and natural acoustics, leading to a state of peace and relaxation where small waves echo within this interesting enclosure of Xel-Há.

Adrenaline Seekers Wanted: 

For the thrill seeker gaze up above the tranquil river and cove and make your way up Cliff Climb, with cracks and ropes that give the brave the option of a thrilling ascent in anticipation of the jumps that follow.  Once you make your way to t the edge and look down at the river, take that first step for the jump of a lifetime from various  challenging heights as you fall into the refreshing turquoise waters below. 

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Trepachanga invites you to test your balance and walk over the river between two ropes. How far can you make it without falling? The Trepachanga consists of walking between two ropes separated and suspended over the river. Crossing this may require concentration and balance, but it also offers chance for nonstop laughter as you try to keep your balance.

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

What is better than a zip-line through the trees? Zip-lining into the water! Xel-Há invites you to slide down on the Salpichanga which carries you to the  fresh and crystalline waters of Xel-Há below. Found along the  garden paths, you’ll discover a single circuit with a total of six zip-lines. A hammock and two swings will transport you back and forth of course ending with a water landing.  Or from a higher perch you can fly towards the inside of the grotto on a rope, mimicking the flight of the Pelican, Chuc Kay. 


Ready to climb to new heights?  The just opened new Scenic Lighthouse is just for you. Now you can observe the  beauty of Xel-Há  with its greenery of the great Mayan jungle, the sea life of the inlet and all the shades of blue of the Caribbean Sea all from 131 feet up. This incredible 360° amazing view allows you to capture unforgettable moments with the four autophoto points to take home more than memories of your visit to a natural wonder. Once you’ve finished taking in the scenery venture as many times as you like into four open waterslides at more than 98.5 feet (30 meters) high, which will take you on an exciting spiral descent into a the crystal clear waters of a cenote.

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Or why not explore the mangrove forests and jungles by bike? There are bikes available for adults and children alike, with adjustable seats, pedal brakes, and bags for carrying belongings. You can ride either from the river station or the terminal station. In this peaceful ride you can encounter coatis, porcupines, and agoutis approaching the path to feed, some shy and others very happy to meet your acquaintance. 

The Path Less Taken:

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Xel-Há  is the perfect place to wander through  the middle of lush vegetation as you reward yourself with a pleasant surprise, a time of relaxation that will take your breath away. The Bay of Caprices is located a few steps from a floating bridge and is the perfect place to relax; a corner of nature where it is all about rest and relaxation because isn’t that what a vacation should be? Here you will find  hammocks that are  calling your name.

A Child’s Paradise With The Parent In Mind:

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Xel-Há has no limits no matter what your age and even the younger visitors discover that this is the best place for having fun!  The Children’s World has activities in which kids of all ages  can have fun for hours. Including everything from a wading pool, playground, water slide, rope climb, seesaw, crocodile tunnel, hanging games, water lilies and turtles for photos this is perfect for the little ones in your life, with plenty of relaxing hammocks and beach chairs to be able to keep a watchful eye on them from.

Xel-Ha' Experiencias XcaretChildren interested in learning more about Xel-Há and its guardians can get creative with fun activities like painting and drawing.

You Will Never Go Hungry At Xel-Há 

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

No matter what time of the day it is, and whether you are craving a full meal or lighter fare or something in-between, let the feasting begin. Sit back and eat your fill at an of our four restaurants featuring delicious national and international dishes served in a buffet presentation.Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

At any time of the day, enjoy our fun and original drinks in the bars located in different parts of the Park, and enjoy them as much as you want under the shade of a palm tree or in a comfortable lounge chair because at Xel-Há all inclusive means your drinks and meals too!

Xel-Ha' Experiencias Xcaret

Xel-Ha’ An Oasis In Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Mexico is the perfect place whether you’re looking to do everything or nothing at all or a little bit of both. If it’s pristine waters in a natural setting with unlimited water activities just waiting for you followed up by a feast fit for royalty and a nice afternoon nap swaying in a hammock among the trees, the next time you’re in Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, make sure you put Xel-Há on the top of your list for that day of rest and relaxation that you’ve been looking for. 

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Disclosure: Disclosure:  I was invited by  Experiencias Xcaret  for a hosted visit to Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen in conjunction with Family Vacation Hub and ConnectHer Media  for the purposes of this review however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.