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Wonder League Robotics Competition

Calling all inventors and creators!  The Wonder League Robotics Competition is looking for you! Thousands of kids are coding for the Wonder League’s first ever nationwide Robotics Competition starting today with their Dash & Dot robots! With this event, coding is the new team sport for kids younger than ever before. 

Wonder -League-Prizes

This year’s grand prize is a free STEM Field Trip to California for everyone on the team plus adult chaperones! Kids will get to:

  • Meet artists who work on the Minions at Illumination Entertainment
  • Tour Universal Studios
  • Learn from game makers at EA
  • Present at a Tech Talk to engineers at Google
  • And more

Here’s everything you need to get you on your way! Join in the Wonder League Robotics Competition today!


Welcome to the Robotics Competition!Wonder-Leagues-Robotic-Competion

Teams from around the nation and their Dash & Dot robots will face off to overcome obstacles, solve coding challenges, and have a blast while they’re at it. Your mission is to help Dash make it through space to explore a newly discovered planet and then make it back safely to Earth. 

Your mission has started! Nov 1 (today) is the last day to register your team!

Who can playWonder-Leagues-Competion

  • Anyone is welcome to play, but you must be in the United States to qualify for prizes. 
  • All team members must be between age 6 and 11. If you are 11, your 12th birthday must be after Dec 1, 2015.
  • Teams can be up to 6 people. Teams with fewer than 6 are welcome! Sometimes smaller teams can get more done 🙂
  • Each team needs to have an adult organizer who is a parent or teacher. An adult organizer can have more than 1 team.
  • You must have 1 Dash robot and 1 Dot robot to participate

Announcing the Wonder League Robotic Competition Dates

Don’t have a robot? Use the coupon code COMPETITION for $20 off a Dash & Dot Pack when checking out on the Wonder Workshop website.