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Why You Should Buy A House In A Good School District

Why You Should Buy a House in a Good School District (Even Without Kids)

When you’re looking for a house, you may not be looking at the school district first if you don’t have kids. Even if you do, you may think that the best schools will depend on the specific child and teacher. However, there are a few benefits you may have overlooked.

Kids Buying A House In A Good School District


Below, you can see a few things that good school districts are either the result of or that they can provide for you. These range from monetary rewards and social involvement to safety and more.

  1. Community Programs and Involvement

Better schools may also mean more involved parents and other community members. This may help positively influence the children that attend these schools or live in these neighborhoods. It can also be a positive social environment for anyone. Wouldn’t you rather live somewhere where people weren’t afraid to get involved if there was a problem in the community?

  1. Lower Crime Rate and Less Potential Criminal Behavior

Buying A House In A Good School District

Attending a better school or a top tier school can reduce the chance that a person will commit crimes later in life, or reduce the severity of those crimes. This has as much to do with the community surrounding these schools as it does the schools themselves and often, this reduction in crime will result in a safer neighborhood overall.

  1. Home Value

Buying A House In A Good School District

Want an advantage if or when you decide to sell your home in the future? A good school district can provide this advantage. Not only do 35% of parents and would-be parents potentially want to live in a neighborhood with the best schools and school programs, other financially savvy buyers will want to as well, so they can protect their investment. Houses for sale in Calgary will be valued higher if they reside in a quaint residential neighborhood.

Buying A House In A Good School District

Not only will your home hold its value or be worth more if you sell it, but it’s also likely that it will be bid up. People are willing to pay more, even sacrifice things to own houses in school districts that are highly in demand.

  1. Potential Higher Income Opportunities

Buying A House In A Good School District

According to the Trulia survey mentioned above, in addition to being an indicator of higher and more consistent home prices, a great school district also typically meant higher average incomes. While this may not impact you directly, it may result in several networking opportunities or other advantages, based on your field.

Better School District Could Mean Healthier Communities

Kids Buying A House In A Good School District

Choosing to buy a home in a better school district is, at the most tangible level, a great way to protect your investment from volatile economic factors. These are some of the homes that are most resilient to value changes.

Buying A House In A Good School District

On a less tangible level, these are communities that appear to be more resilient and friendly. As an environment, they have less crime and potentially offer more positive social interactions. If you have children, these are all excellent things to expose them to. If you don’t, these are still things that are hard to put a price on and may make your life a little easier.