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Week 8-It’s What You Gain From Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

One of the things that no one could have prepared me for when I started this journey with Nutrisystem 8 weeks ago was that it was about what I would gain instead of what I would lose.  What started as a path to a healthier me me not has become more than just a way to lose weight but rather the confidence I’ve regained in myself along the way. Did I want to shed pounds-absolutely!  Was I hoping maybe if I did that maybe, just maybe others would take notice-of course but suddenly as the pounds came off, and the clothing was loose and people were noticing not just the weight loss but that I seemed happier it became so much more than the quest to lose 20 pounds because for the first time in well, I can’t even begin to remember, I felt good about the person looking back at me in the mirror.  And while the one person whose attention I hoped I would finally grab once again still hadn’t notice, it didn’t really seem to matter as much any more about what he thought because I’ve come to realize, it’s what I think and feel about myself and the rest is all just “icing on the cake.”


The old me would have hid in terror with the thought of the possibility of walking a red carpet-yes a real life Hollywood style red carpet but when the invitation came from Disney to be a part of the #ThroughTheLookingGlassEvent which included being a part of the red carpet premiere for Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass I not only jumped at the chance, I couldn’t wait to go shopping for a dress. If you would have told you I would have been excited to shop, much less dress shop even 2 months ago, I would have told you that you had me confused with someone else because when you don’t like who you are or have any confidence in yourself, clothes shopping for yourself is the last thing you want to do.   Imagine my delight when outfits that I liked that would have never fit 2 months ago not only fit, but I had to go down two sizes and I actually had multiple choices of what to wear – talk about making a girl feel good.   Nutrisystem Blogger


Tonight as the sun goes down, this Cinderella is going to the ball or at least through the looking glass as I don my gown and sparkly shoes and head out to hob-nob with the Hollywood elite. What will I be wearing-well I won’t give away the dress just yet, but I can tell you that my best accessory for tonight will be the smile on my face and the confidence in my heart.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned since starting the program, Nutrisystem is so much more than just the convenience of prepackaged food.  It’s about the journey you take as you discover just who you have the power to be.  


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