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Week 4 Cruise With Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

Week 4 found me on cruise control with Nutrisystem quite literally as I set sail on Fathom Travel’s inaugural cruise aboard the MV Adonia. Fathom is pioneering a whole new travel category called “impact travel”, travel with purpose. It allows you to see yourself and others in a whole new way as I spent a week living on board the Adonia, while teaching in the Dominican Republic and working alongside families making water filters and creating recycled paper which is later turned into the most beautiful product imaginable. But if you’ve ever cruised before, then you know that it’s also all about the food 24/7.  


One of the best parts about the Nutrisystem program is that it realizes that there will be some days that you’re not at home with your food, but it does indeed prepare you to make the choices you need to make for just those occasions when real life happens. Fathom-Healthapp-Nutrisystem 

Between my NuMi app, and my eating out guide I was ready to take on the world of eating on a cruise ship.  It also helped that being a part of this experience meant exercise, and by that I mean lots and lots of exercise from averaging over 20,000 steps a day to the one day I logged 46 flights of stairs.Fathom-Salad-Nutrisystem

Yes, I was still eating my 5 meals a day and truth be told, sometimes more, and yes I did have some of the desserts but between stopping when I was full, lots of fruits and salads and making the choices I needed to make for me, I’m anxious to see how I did while I was away.  

Fathom-Saladbar-NutrisystemAlthough I have not weighed in in over a week, I did learn the hard way to try on my pants that were previously a tight fit and now were falling off of me, and that not only did all my other clothes still fit but by the end of the week, there were now delightfully loose.

Fathom-Snacks-Nutrisystem My goal may not have been to lose weight this week, but if I stayed around the same as when I left I would consider that a victory.  I also can completely give credit to Nutrisystem for encouraging me to be out and moving each and every day as I can truthfully say there would have been no way I would have been prepared to take on the physicality and the demands that I was faced with on my journey. All this being said, it was truly a life changing experience in so many ways.  Fathom-Salmon-Nutrisystem

Now life returns to normal and while reentry may not be easy, it’s nice to know that I made it through. What could you do with Nutrisytem?  As I proved, it’s not merely about the convenience of prepackaged food but learning to make the choices in life that you need to make for yourself to achieve your goals.


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Disclosure: I am a Nutrisystem Blogger Ambassador. I have received the food and support for free in exchange for my honest opinions and weekly up-dates. All opinions are 100% my own. No mother form of compensation was received.