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Week 11- What I Didn’t Know 3 Months Ago- Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

So what did I know now that I didn’t know 3 months ago before I started on my journey with Nutrisystem and becoming a part of the #NSNation? Like anything, it all has to begin and end with me-it’s just that simple.  As much as I said that I decided to do this because I wanted to get control of my life again and make healthier choices, and that is a huge part of it, I secretly hoped that maybe if I lost enough that well, someone would notice.

#NSNation Week 1 Before

But in the end, they didn’t but it doesn’t matter any more because the person that needed to notice the change did-and that person is me.  I can look in a mirror or at a picture of myself and I can smile instead of cringe.  I know I’m not there yet, and even after my freezer is not stocked with Nutrisytem pizza, pasta and ice cream sandwiches, I now have all the tools that I need to stay on the journey.

Nutrisystem-Food Delivery

 To say that this program came into my life at just the right moment would be an understatement to say the least.  Learning how to adjust to Lyme Disease or facing an upcoming knee replacement could have been so much worse had I been 25 pounds heavier but thanks to this program not only is my weight down, but my energy level and attitude are both up and in the end, isn’t that all anyone could ever ask for?  Nutrisystem-6 Weeks

And so if I’m the only one that notices, that’s ok too, because who knows what the future holds in store because the reality is the journey does not end next week but is really just beginning.  Thanks to Nutrisystem, I’ve learned that everything is a choice and it’s ok to choose me. Three months ago, I didn’t know that and that’s the most important lesson of all. The rest, will all come in time. It’s never too late to start. 


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