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Websites to Find the Cheapest Last Minute Travel Deals

With traveling so much over the last few years I have I quickly learned how to find the best websites to find the cheapest last minute travel deals.

Websites to find the cheapest last minute travel deals

As we all know, now all travel sites are created equal and when you are a spur of the moment traveler but with a limited budget, you learn a thing or two along the way. Luckily travel, especially last-minute travel is more affordable than you think. Cheap travel sounds amazing, right? There are so many variations of travel sites. You aren’t really sure where to find the best deals. Airfare, car rentals, housing accommodations, fun things to do at a discount price… it sounds pretty overwhelming to think about.

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You want to find websites that offer comparable prices, combination savings, and lots of discounts! Picking the perfect website for your travel needs will be easier if you check out these websites that offer the cheapest travel deals.

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Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Find a website that can combine your flight and car rental.
  • Travel in the off-season.
  • Travel with a friend to split costs equally.
  • Research free events in the area you will be vacationing.
  • Consider booking two one way tickets instead of two
  • Be flexible in your times and dates

Flying Away

Websites to Find the Cheapest Last Minute Travel Deals

Some of the best ways to get a cheap airline ticket is purchasing your ticket in advance.

ScottsCheapFlights.com – Save up to 90% on international flights.

Scott’s Cheap Flights–  Scott’s Cheap Flights helps you to save heaps on your next summer vacation, holiday getaway or a dream trip to a bucket list destination. My favorite part of using Scott’s is his free email service that will alert you to cheap flights to popular international destinations, Hawaii and Alaska.

CheapOair.com -Book Cheap Flights

CheapOair is a great place to find cheap airline tickets.  It searches over 600 different airlines to find you a great deal. CheapOair also offers you a price match promise.

Skyscanner.net – Find Cheap Flights & Plane Tickets

Skyscanner searches over 12,00 different sites to find you one of the cheapest airfares possible. You can fly anywhere in the world that you choose, with affordable options.

TripAdvisor.com -Find the best flight for the right price.

TripAdvisor is a commonly known flight website where you can find some of the significantly lower-priced airline tickets. TripAdvisor can accommodate any budget of travel, including the economical options. TripAdvisor San Francisco Helicopter

Driving the Distance

Driving to your destination and around your destination can save you loads of money.

Websites to Find the Cheapest Last Minute Travel Deals

Rentalcars.com – Car Rental – Search, Compare & Save

Rentalcars.com can hook you up with some of the largest rental companies available. RentalCars.com also presents a match price guarantee and free cancellations on most bookings.

Priceline.com – Best prices guaranteed

Priceline is proposing that you can rent a car with them as little as $10.95/day. This seems like a very cost-effective choice for a car rental. If you are searching for a modest way to pay for a car rental, this may be a great alternative.

85OFF.com-Car Rental Rate Comparison From Multiple Sites At One Time

85OFF gives you the opportunity to search a massive website directory to compare rental car prices. This option takes the hassle out of searching multiple sites at one time, you will get all of your options in one place. Seems easy enough!

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Finding a Place to Rest

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Finding a place to relax and snooze when you travel can often be the most difficult.

Hotels.com- Last minutes deals-don’t wait to getaway!

Hotels.com –  I love that this site lets me book now with no cancellation fee which is a huge plus in my book. Not only does this site have exclusive and lots of last-minute deals but you can actually earn free hotel stays. Here you’ll find everything from. Luxury Hotels. Guest Reviews. Budget Hotels. Types: Hotel, Resort, Motel, Apartment, Vacation rental, B&Bs, All-Inclusive, Lodge, Villa, and even  Hostels.

KAYAK.com – The easiest way to find your Hotel.

KAYAK can search for 1,000,000 hotels at one time. KAYAK also claims you can save up to 35%, if you book your hotel through them. You can also set a price alert, so you never miss the good deals they offer.

Airbnb.com-Discover entire homes and private rooms perfect for any trip                                               Airbnb you can book people’s real homes and apartments for a reasonable cost. You can find accommodations all over the USA, from extravagant vacation homes to more budget-friendly places to stay. If you sign up through their website, you can be eligible for a discount code for your first time booking

Agoda.com- Hotels, Resorts, Hostels & More

Agoda gives you options for accommodations all over the world. You can find something affordable and exotic to suit your travel adventures. You can also check out their spontaneous daily savings.


Also, be sure to check the individual hotel websites to find some of the best last-minute deals around. Many of the chains such as Marriotts, Hilton and Hyatt put up weekend deals that are just too good to pass on and are often cheaper than what you’ll find on the aggregate sites. Can’t find reservations for the dates you need? Try booking one-day reservations.

Websites to Find the Cheapest Last Minute Travel Deals

One of my favorite travel tips that ofter, especially for family vacation places such as the Walt Disney World Resort is to book multiple one-day reservations vs trying to find a multiple-day stay and better yet, try several different of the Disney resorts while you’re there. Disney makes it easy for you to “resort hop” moving your luggage for you from one hotel to the next, all at no cost. It’s part of the magic. On a recent spur of the moment trip to Hawaii, I couldn’t find a 4-day reservation but I could easily find 4 separate consecutive one-day reservations and the Hilton was fantastic about not only keeping me in the same room but upgrading my room for me.

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You can also search all these websites to find a combination deal, which means all three for one price. Hopefully, you can find the cheapest airlines, car rentals, and accommodations to suit your adventurous spirit. Just remember to have fun and be safe, no matter you where you go.

Websites to Find the Cheapest Last Minute Travel Deals

Traveling is more affordable than ever before and there is nothing more important than taking those trips that will create a lifetime of memories for you and your family. What are your best last-minute travel tips and what is your go-to site to use?