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Homesickness Happens-Even When Your “Other” Family Is Disney – One Mom’s Whine

Even when your boss is a Mouse, sometimes, living far from home, especially if it’s your very first time can mean homesickness can strike at any time.  No matter how magical your surroundings might be, and even when working for Disney means all of your dreams have just come true, there are going to be those times when you just plain old miss your mom and dad and yes, even your siblings.

 One of my favorite things to check out at Disney is all the places the Cast Members are from.  If you look at their name tags their home town and state is listed under their name.  You may notice that some of them list a college or university in place of a home town and state.  These are cast members who are participating in the Disney College Program.  You may hear them referred to as CPs (College Program) as well as CMs (Cast Member). It’s evident once you notice all these different places that Disney’s CMs come from all over the country and even the world.  Many of them are very far away from their family and friends.

These cast members spend a great deal of time together every week.  And due to the Disney schedule they are often together during holidays and events normally spent with their families.  And so they develop close knit friendships and family ties with people they may not have even known a year ago!  They make their own family traditions as they celebrate the holidays and other special events together.  They are there for each other for the good and the bad.

Even Disney cast members have bad days and events that are hard to deal with. You won’t see them express anything less than happy while “on stage”. While back stage they build each other up and do whatever it takes to keep the show going! And that continues even in their homes as they take care of each other during hard times and celebrate with each other during good times – all the things families do for each other!

The next time you’re at Disney take a look at all the places those cast members are from. Strike up a conversation about where they’re from – you never know you might find someone who knows a friend of a friend! You may just make their day too!