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Top 15 Must Have Cruise Essentials-Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Heading out on a cruise? Here are our top 15 must-have cruise essentials to make sure you remember your next cruise for all the right reasons. Carnival Glory Carnival Cruise Line Eastern CaribbeanWhether you’re a first-time cruiser or have obtained Platinum status, here are our top 15 must-have items to pack for your cruise-all guaranteed to make your voyage at sea just a little bit easier.


  • Pack a Multiple Power Strip (some cruises do not allow this, so check with specific cruise line)Crusie Essentials
  • Grab your cell phone charger~ even though you probably won’t use your cell phone on your cruise (because half the fun of being on a cruise is being able to disconnect) but other capabilities like the alarm clock or calculator function might come in handy.
  • Water shoes-Whether you have sensitive feet like I do, or heading out on the snorkel experience of a lifetime or just want to hang out on the beach-protect your feet! There is nothing worse than an unexpected cut on the bottom of your foot, potentially sidelining you. With so many cute options out there that are perfect for walking as well as swimming, don’t leave home without them. Cruise Essentials Water Shoes
  • Bungee cords to hold open your verandah door.

Top 10 Must Have Items To Pack For Your Next Cruise

  • Have a credit card style card like a grocery rewards card to put in the light switch of your stateroom to keep lights on, so you don’t come back to a very dark room or better yet, take a motion-activated night light with you. Cruise Essentials Motion Activated Light
  • Closet “Shoe holder” to use in the bathroom to hold liquids, perfume and other items for the bathroom, the counter space is limited.Cruise Essentials Organizer
  • While we’re talking about the bathroom, keeping your bathroom from smelling is easy as 1-2-3. With such great products as Poo-Pourri, the original non-toxic before-you-go toilet spray it truly does stop bathroom odors before they ever begin – seriously! No more trying to mask odor already in the air! Cruise Essentials Bathroom
  • Your Beverage of choice-Carnival allows you to bring a 12 -pack of your favorite soda with you as well as another libations-again check for your particular cruise line’s policies.What to bring with you on a cruise
  • Basic First-Aid Kit-bandaids, sunscreen, aloe vera, headache, cough and cold/allergy medication, sewing kit, wipes, and all the extras you’re used to having on hand.

Carnival Cruise Line Carnival Glory

  • Make sure that your Bank and Credit Card companies are aware that you will be out of the country. They will note it on your account so you aren’t flagged for fraudulent activity, therefore disabling your credit card entirely. Contact your Cell Phone Service as well and please make sure you turn off roaming. Airplane mode doesn’t always fix the problem. Use What’s App for free texting and messaging worldwide and avoid sticker shock when you get home to discover that your phone bill cost more than the cruise because of unnecessary data and roaming charges. Whats App Cruise Essentials
  • Seasick/motion sickness oils, pills or wristbands just in case.

Carnival Glory Carnival Cruise Line Eastern Caribbean

  • Reusable Plastic Straws and Usable Water Bottles-It is easy to help the environment with just a few simple changes. Most cruise ships have or are in the process of making the switch to paper straws but if you’re not quite ready to make the switch yet, there are great reusable options when it comes to straws. Staying hydrated is a must when cruising and luckily water stations abound when onboard a cruise ship.  Just bring along your favorite water bottle, fill and go. Reusable Straws Cruise Essentials
  • Passport Holder– You are not required to have a passport if you’re a U.S. citizen & traveling a closed-loop cruise (cruises that begin and end at the same port in the U.S.) However, it would be wise to have one. If for any reason you need to fly home from a foreign port, it’s required. These are just a few items that are important to my family. Don’t forget whatever you do, relax and have fun!
  • Water Proof Swim Wallet and Water Proof Camera Pouch– Part of the fun of sailing away is being surrounded by water.  Water Proof Cases Cruise EssentialsThese days, more often than not, we don’t go anywhere without our phones in our hands. For under $10 you can make sure your phone and valuables are not only protected from the elements but have them with you at all times to capture those amazing memories.
  • Ziploc Bags and Space Saver Bags-Don’t leave home without them! From packing more to storing wet clothes to organizing for the family to packing snacks, makeup, the list is infinite,  Ziplock Bags and Space Saver Bags are my number 1 must-have travel item. ZipLoc Bags Cruise EssentialsThey are ideal for storing clothing and the best part is that the travel bag does not require a vacuum and is a perfect fit for luggage.Carnival Glory Carnival Cruise Line Eastern Caribbean


  • PRO TIP-Extra tip-Take Pictures of Your Passport, Driver’s Licenses and all of your cruise documents for easy access. By taking pictures, you won’t need wifi to access them and refer to them should you need them. Even better, download Mobile Passport before you go and although you still must physically present your passport, Mobile Passport enables U.S. passport holders and Canadian visitors to save time during the entry process at most major U.S. airports and cruise ports! Securely submit your passport and customs declaration form and access designated lanes in the inspection area.Top 15 Cruise Essentials

What are your top 15 must-have items to pack for your next cruise?