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Our Top 10 Theme Parks For Kids In The USA

Top Theme Parks For Families

If you’re a parent or a grandparent like I am then you know that we are always looking for the best theme parks for kids aside for Walt Disney World and Disneyland. Whether you’re thinking about taking your children to a theme park this year or you’re wondering which one’s are the best for children and even smaller kids we have some of our very favorites for you.  With so many theme parks to research, you could be spending a lot of time trying to figure out which ones work best for your kids. We’ve got you covered. Take a look at what we feel are some of the best theme parks in the country to take your children to.

LEGOLAND (California and Florida)

Legoland Best theme parks

Did you enjoy building and using your imagination with legos as a kid? Maybe you have smaller children now that can’t seem to set them down? LEGOLAND is a theme park that has rides and attractions that are made out of millions of Lego pieces. There are well over 60 rides and attractions that younger children will enjoy.

Sesame Place

Best Theme Parks for Families and Kids

Located in Langhorne Pennsylvania, Sesame Place is a children’s theme park and waterpark. Your children will love a chance to receive a hug from many of Sesame Street’s beloved characters. There are even coasters that will introduce children to seek a higher thrill-factor type of ride. Make sure you have time to watch a show with Big Bird, Elmo and other characters.

SeaWorld (Orlando)

Top Theme Parks for Families

How about a theme park that has not only exciting rides and great food options but also a chance to get up close to some amazing sea creatures? Make sure you do so before the end of 2019, when SeaWorld in Orlando will be closing their doors to the Orca program for good. 

Kings Island

Do you live in the midwest and would love the chance to go to the largest amusement and waterpark in your neighborhood? Then consider Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio. It has over 100 rides and attractions and 14 exciting coasters. There are many rides and things to do at Planet Snoopy, a section of the park that is perfect for younger children.   

Busch Gardens (Tampa Bay)


Top Theme Parks For Kids

Busch Gardens has some amazing rides and coasters for bigger people, but slow down a minute. They didn’t forget about the little people. It also has numerous rides attractions and entertainment that younger children will love as well.

The Great Escape (Queensbury, New York)

The Great Escape, a Six-Flags theme park is another family-friendly place to visit. Storytown has a carousel and a train ride that you don’t want to miss. Splash WaterKingdom, located in the park is covered on your admission ticket. Head over to Timbertown, a section of the theme park that is for smaller children.

Cedar Point (Sandusky, Ohio)

Cedar Point is a roller coaster junkie’s paradise, yet they didn’t forget about the little people. Your children will enjoy helicopter rides, driving a mustang, or dropping on Woodstock’s Airmail. If your child prefers waterslides and water play stations, Cedar Point also has a water park called Cedar Point Shores where you can spend the day.

Universal Studios

Universal Orlando Universal Studios Florida Islands Of Adventure Universal CityWalk-

If you’ve already visited the mouse in Orlando, why not try Universal Studios with your children? There are several rides for smaller children that do not have a height requirement for little children. Children of all ages will enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Super Silly Fun Land (a waterpark area), and many shows appropriate for their age level. 

Hershey Parks 

Located in Hershey, PA, Hershey Parks is a place of thrilling attractions, exciting live concerts, premier dining, breathtaking venues, relaxing getaways, and deliciously sweet Hershey’s chocolate. It’s also a place with a proud history and legacy of exceptional service and generous philanthropy installed by the man who built two great companies and began a dream that is alive and thriving today in Hershey The Sweetest Place On Earth!

Knotts Berry Farm

Top Theme Parks For Families Best Theme Parks for Kids

For nearly one hundred years, Knott’s Berry Farm has been drawing fans from all over. What started as a small family farm soon grew into a world-famous destination thanks to Mrs. Knott’s legendary fried chicken dinners, boysenberries, and an Old West Ghost Town. Since then, the once small family farm has grown into today’s 160-acre family fun destination. Fun is always in season at Knott’s Berry Farm! With dozens of rides, shows, and attractions in four themed areas, there is something for everyone at Knott’s. Splashdown the Timber Mountain Log Ride, featuring new scenes, thrills, and special effects. The new Boardwalk area offers rides and attractions for the whole family. Stroll along the streets of the Old West Ghost Town® where you’ll meet its many residents – but look out for bandits! Camp Snoopy, home of the PEANUTS Gang, will round out your day with pint-sized adventures in a high sierra setting.

Best Theme Parks For Families

These are some of the best theme parks in the country that you will want to visit with your children. Which of these do you plan on heading to in the future? If you’ve been to one of these before, tell us about your experience with your children.