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It’s Time For A Change My Journey With Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

Socrates once said that the secret to change was to focus all of your energy not fighting the old but on building the new so with that in mind I’ve decided that starting this week. 

#NSNation Nutrisystem

I am ready to make the change and I am starting my long awaited journey with Nurtisystem and the #NSNation. We’ve all had that defining moment in our lives-the one where the clothes didn’t quite fit the way they used to or you looked at some pictured from a recent trip and cringed just a little. In the back of your mind your little voice is getting louder and louder telling you that you need to do something but then the last crushing blow comes when you nonchalantly say “I don’t think of myself as that fat” to the person who is supposed to be your support no matter what and the person who was supposed to be your strength and support and it is met with deafening, crushing silence and then the all too late “ Uh no, not really,” when you do what anyone would do-cry hysterically and eat the contents of the house. But it was also in that moment when I realized what I had also known for years, that the change had to be for me and not for anyone else’s approval and thus the journey as a Nutrisystem Blogger Ambassador was born,

#NSNation Week 1 Before

The last year had brought many changes to my life. I went from being in a classroom and running around with the kids and never sitting down all day long and being a mom and all that entails until the wee hours of the morning to retiring and seeing the last of the “baby” leave the nest and fly off across the country to follow his dreams. I wasn’t prepared to go from being a mom and a teacher for almost 40 years to being in my mind, nothing but those first few months, well let’s just say it wasn’t pretty. My identity had always been as a mom and educator and now I was neither of those so in my mind, I was nothing any more or as I called it, I was not-a-mommy. But even more, for the first time in my life I was absolutely totally, completely alone and all that goes with it. No place to be, no one to share popcorn with at the movies, alone and the worst was in the old days, even if dinner was at a drive-through, at least there was someone to share it with and now there wasn’t so meals became grabbing a handful of crackers and cheese here and a package of Little Debbie’s Mini Muffins there and hiding in my room.


I have always believed that life works out that way it’s meant to and for me it was a dear and wonderful friend reaching out casually to see if I wanted to take over my son’s old job working with her in her drama classroom and I jumped at the chance. And in doing that, I started to find myself once again including the realization that it was time to change a lot of things and that included eating. Although I’d love to think I had the self fortitude to take this on all on my own, in the back of my mind I was still hearing the crushing silence to my “I don’t really think of myself as fat” comment knew I couldn’t do it on my own, that I needed some way to be held accountable and to motivate me to stick with it and luckily Nutrisystem was not only there for me, they made it so easy I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner.


Last week the food arrived and it was all I could do not to get started that very day. Put pizza and chocolate in front of me and you have my full attention. Within the two huge boxes were everything I could possibly need for plus the Turbo Takeoff which is an accelerated program to help me start off my road to fit and fab including seven days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners, Turbo Shakes and the NutriCrush Shakes and show me that just like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz” I had the power within me all along, I just needed to find it on my own.

#NSNation Nutrisystem


To go with the program I also immediately downloaded their free NuMi  app which allows me to track my food, water and exercise right on the sport. Over the next three months you can follow along with me on Twitter and on Instagram or on my weekly updates right here. I know at times it won’t be easy and I know at times there will be bumps and detours along the journey but today I did the most important thing I could do-I took the first step in my journey to change and rediscover who I am. Who knows what I will find along the way.

#NSNation Nutrisystem


Want to find out more about Nurtisytem and take your own first steps towards change and a new you? You can find all the information you need and more here:

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#NSNation Nutrisystem 

Disclosure: I am a Nutrisystem Blogger Ambassador. I have received the food and support for free in exchange for my honest opinions and weekly up-dates. All opinions are 100% my own. No mother form of compensation was received.