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Tie-Dye Shirts Mickey Mouse Style

DYI Create Your Own Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Shirt
Tie-Dye shirts are easier to make than you ever imagined and today we’re teaching you how to make your own tie-dye shirts and not just any tie-dye shirts but we’re making magical Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts just in time for your summer vacation.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts  Think of how great you and the family will look whether you’re exploring local places or heading to Disney.  This project took a little planning ahead of time but the results are totally worth it. The best part, even if you are a craftily challenged person as I am, you can still create these fun tee shirts for the entire family. Let’s get started!

Supplies for Mickey Tie-Dye ShirtsMickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

Tie-Dye Supplies or Tie Dye Kit 
Soda ash (if not part of the tie-dye kit)
Waxed dental floss
Sewing needle
Rubber bands
Plastic wrap
Ziplock Bags
Plastic tablecloth to protect your crafting area (we did this project outside)
This project can be very messy. Be sure to wear junk clothes and a pair of gloves during the tie-dye process.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts
Step-by-Step Instructions for Making a Mickey Tie-Dye Shirt
1. Pre-wash the 100% cotton white shirt.
2. Soak the shirt for about 20 minutes in soda ash. The soda ash helps to make the tie-dye colors more vivid in the finished product.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

3. Draw a Mickey Mouse head silhouette on the paper. I actually used my Cricut machine to make the Mickey head using the Disney Font cartridge.  You can also find Mickey silhouettes online.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

4. Trace the Mickey Mouse head onto the shirt using a pencil. Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

5. Use waxed dental floss to hand sew a running stitch (basting stitch) around the Mickey head. The waxed dental floss helps to keep the dye from leaching past Mickey’s head.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

6. Pull the dental floss tight so that the Mickey Head puckers upwards. Pull it towards you.
7. Take one rubber band and wrap it around the shirt just under Mickey’s head. Be sure a little of the shirt is between the rubber band and the dental floss outline.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts
8. Grasp the base of the Mickey Mouse head and choose one tie-dye color to apply. Die the Mickey head from the top down until you reach the dental floss. The rubber-banded area will give you a nice white area surrounding the tie-dyed Mickey head.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts
9. Cover the dyed Mickey head portion of the shirt in plastic wrap to protect it from getting other colors on it.

10. Grasp the Mickey Mouse head and begin to twist the shirt gently in a circular motion.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts

11. Keep twisting until the shirt is a round shape. Larger shirts will take more twisting while kid’s shirts will twist up more quickly. Your twisted shirt should look rounded with multiple pleats.
12. Take the rubber bands and band the shirt across the diameter until it resembles a sliced pizza. Be sure the rubber bands are tight and hold the shirt together completely. You should be able to pick up the banded shirt as one unit without any pieces of the shirt falling out of the round pizza shape.
13. Use the remaining colors in your tie-dye kit to dye the bottom pizza-shaped portion of the shirt. You can overlap the colors to make interesting patterns and to produce different shades of color. Just be careful to think about our color wheel-too many colors will leave you with a brown shirt.
14. Place the tie-dyed shirt in a Ziplock bag and let it sit for at least 6 hours. You can let it sit for 24 hours for maximum vividness.
15.  Take out the shirt from the Ziplock bag, remove the rubber bands and rinse until the water is clear.Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts
16. Wash the shirt one time in the washing machine with soap and cold water and dry.
17. Wear your shirt and make every day a Disney day!Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Tee Shirts
Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye Shirt Embellishment Options 
You have unlimited embellishment opportunities. Use your imagination. 
1. Add hot-fix crystals for extra sparkle.
2. Write the person’s name under the Mickey’s head using fabric paint. 
3. Write the event/location/family name on the back using fabric paint. 
4. Use glow-in-the-dark fabric paint for a fun night look.Disneyland Resort Disney California Adventure Park Grandma and Me Family Trip Disneyland Hotel -

Thanks to all of you for putting out the challenge to create these shirts! A special thank you to my daughter in law Nicole who was the real brains and talent behind this week’s project. Be sure to send us your pictures of how your Mickey Mouse Tie-Dye shirts turned out. What kinds of tie-dye shirts have you created with your family and friends?