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The Tube Wearable Waistband

TUBE_Logo_smallOver the years, I have collected quite a bit of running gear.  There is a drawer full of items that promise to keep my phone, keys, money and cards safe as my shoes pound the pavement.  Most people have the arm band thingies that will hold your phone and cards, but do not usually have room for keys. The same is true for those Pinterest DIY stretchy arm bands that make it impossible for you to see or access your phone during a run.  I also have the magnetic pouch that clips to the inside of your clothes, but if you put keys and cards in it, a phone will not fit.  Flipping a belt inside out was not for me, and it did not hold enough.  Hydration belts feel quite bulky and bouncy.  I don’t have any fanny packs. That would make me lose my street cred.

PVS_8078During the Avengers Half Marathon weekend, I was introduced to The Tube Wearable Waistband.  It is a waistband that comes in multiple colors and sizes and has three pockets.  One side pocket, specifically designed to fit and give you easy access to your phone, a second zippered side pocket to secure keys, cards and cash, and a third rear pocket for small items like ear buds, race nutrition, or coins.  The Tube is made of a high quality, 4-way stretch material and pulls up over your hips to fit snugly over whatever you are wearing.

The first trial was during the Captain America 10K.  Typically, I look for race attire that contains at least one pocket, but had to make a wardrobe substitution because of the cooler than expected weather.  My pants had no pockets, so The Tube was an unexpected blessing.

What I liked…

  • The Tube didn’t ride up or roll down.  It fit true to size and stayed in place while stretching, jogging, walking, running and even laying down on a bench after the race.
  • Items inside the pockets stayed in place the entire 6.2 miles.  I carried a phone, cash, cards, pain reliever, candy & lip balm.  No jingles.  No rustles.  No bounces.
  • My phone was easily accessible for photos and other uses.  Initially, I felt like it would fall out, but it never moved from its secure pocket.


  • I sweat, a lot.  The screen of my phone got wet, making it difficult to use.
  • While it didn’t ride up while stretching, certain movements reminded me that there were slightly pointy items in the pockets.

theTUBE_3DPhoto_basegreen_wITEMScombo_CAfter the race, I stopped by their booth again and voiced my concerns.  It was suggested that phone be placed in the pocket, screen facing outward, to prevent droplets of sweat from accidentally dialing my husband.  They also mentioned that not many people had expressed that concern, which reminds me that I’m probably sweatier than most. Ew!

The second trial was during the Avengers Half Marathon.

What I liked…

  • I carried more stuff for this race and it all fit inside The Tube.  Additional items included rain poncho, energy gels and an MP3 player.  Awesome!
  • Even at twice the distance, there was no rubbing or chafing caused by wearing The Tube.  I usually get some rubbing from the arm band thingies.
  • The Tube was not washed after the 10K.  It dried overnight and didn’t stink the next day.  It was washed after the second race and trips to the theme parks.  It washes nicely and maintains its shape.
  • With the phone placed in the pocket, screen facing outward, it stayed dry this race.  I took a ton of pictures and my husband did not receive any accidental phone calls.


  • There are lots of colors available, but it doesn’t come in glitter, sparkle or shine.

If it weren’t for the poncho peeking out of the side pocket, you wouldn’t even know I was wearing The Tube.


Even Pluto was shocked that I had so much hidden in my Tube Waistband!

During the last couple of weeks, I’ve used The Tube Waistband for start line toeing, race expo going, park hopping and afternoon shopping.  It was great to walk into Disneyland through the “No Bags” line.  No one even noticed I was wearing it.  It’s been with me for every race since Avengers weekend, over my jeans during Black Friday shopping and kept me bag free at a concert.  It has a million different uses and holds enough stuff to keep this busy mom of three from carrying extra bags.

You want one now, don’t you?  Hop on over to to order your own, and tell ’em, Lottie from Disney Gals sent you.  Use the code “RACE2015” for 20% off, just in time for the holidays!  They are also available in 400 stores nation-wide, Scheels, Amazon and

I was given this product to try out and review for “Life is An Adventure – The Disney Gals” at the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo, during Avengers Half Marathon weekend.  You know I don’t have the time or energy to give you anything less than my honest opinion on a product.  Enjoy!