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The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones At Best Buy

Elevating the listening experience just got easier thanks to the Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones, now at Best Buy.

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re constantly traveling and just want to shut the rest of the world out, or sending your child off to college or are looking for that perfect unique gift for the family member in your life who loves music or are just looking for the perfect headphones for yourself to unwind at the end of the day, if it’s the best you are seeking to elevate your listening experience, the Sennehsier M3 MOMENTUM Wireless headphones are the answer when only the best will do.  Holiday shopping at my house is no easy task with tweens, teens and a son in his 20’s to buy for. Add shopping for a roommate who also happens to be a professional musician, the dilemma is real but thanks to Best Buy I can get everyone on the list, no matter what stage they are at in life the Sennheiser M3 Wireless Headphones and I know there will be huge smiles and an even bigger “Thank You!” from everyone.

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser’s New MOMENTUM Wireless Headphone is where intuitive design meets superior sound.  It redefines your premium headphone experience by reproducing the balanced depth and precision of studio-quality sound. Hear the Difference. The new MOMENTUM Wireless headphones make listening to superior sound even more seamless than ever. These are more than just headphones-these are a whole new way of taking your listening experience to a level where you feel as though you’ve become one with the sound. Just take a closer look of all of the advantages that come with owning the Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones:

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

Auto On/Off and Smart Pause

Never miss a beat with seamless On/Off and Smart Pause functionality.  Simply fold the earcups, open or close to turn your music on or off.  Remove your headphones to bring your music to a pause, and then slip them back on to get back into the groove.

Active Noise Cancellation (3 modes) and Transparent Hearing

MOMENTUM Wireless adapts to your environment wherever you find yourself allowing you to experience your audio world on your terms.  The advanced Active Noise Cancellation offers three modes that are tailored to different environments.  With the Transparent Hearing feature, you can enjoy music while still being aware of your surroundings.

3 Modes:

Max: The Max mode offers Maximum Mode Cancellation (Airplane)

Anti Wind: Provides noise cancellation optimized for outdoors

Anti Pressure: Softer noise cancellation for at-home use

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless HeadphonesThree-Button Interface

Easy to operate, without needing to read a manual, the simple and intuitive 3-Button Interface means you can switch between your music and making calls in an instant.  You can also activate Volume Control at the touch of a button and link to voice assistant technology immediately.

Automatic Pairing Mode

Makes setting up easy on first activation.

Smart Control App

Build-in Equalizer, Noise Cancellation, and Transparent Hearing modes mean you can tailor your sound to your situation.

Smart ‘Tile’ Technology

Track your headphones, so the only time you feel lost is in the music.

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless HeadphonesSoft Earpads and Headband

A genuine leather head strap and premium earcups deliver superior comfort for those who like to enjoy endless listening.

Available Colors:

  • Black
  • Sandy White

What’s in the box?

  • MOMENTUM Wireless
  • Audio 3.5mm cable
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter
  • USB-C Charging cable
  • Case
  • Quick Guide
  • Safety Guide

The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless HeadphonesEnjoy the powerful, crisp sound of these Sennheiser MOMENTUM wireless over-the-ear headphones. The sheep leather headband and ear pads conform to the shape of your head, adding comfort for all-day use, and Bluetooth connectivity lets you stream music from various devices easily.The Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones

These Sennheiser MOMENTUM wireless over-the-ear headphones have active noise cancellation that lets you block or listen in on external sounds. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for yourself or the perfect holiday gift, the Sennheiser M3 MOMENTUM Wireless Headphones are the answer  because at the end of the day,  when it comes to sound, image means nothing. Try the New MOMENTUM Wireless today-now available online or at your neighborhood Best Buy. For your one-stop shopping for everything on your list, you’ll find it at Best Buy.


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