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The Polaroid Lab Let’s You Transform Memories Into Photos

Thanks to the  Polaroid Lab now you can transform your memories into Into photos. There is nothing better than the look and feel of a Polaroid picture and now thanks to the new Polaroid Lab, now at Best Buy, you can transform your digital photos into real Polaroid pictures.

Polaroid Lab Best Buy

This amazing new product is not a printer, not a scanner, but it magically uses the photos from your phone and adds in an instant formula for timeless images.

Polaroid Lab Best Buy

The Polaroid Lab takes the digital and makes it analog. From something on a screen to a tangible thing, a moment to be shared with a friend, an experience that you can hold in your hand. The best part is that it is so small and so portable that you can easily take it with you anywhere.

Polaroid Lab Best Buy

One of my favorite memories of growing up was of my dad back in the day pulling out his brand new Polaroid camera and sitting and waiting and counting down the moments until the image magically appeared on the paper. Then once it finally did appear, I can vividly remember him taking the finishing solution, rubbing it over the image and then it was my job to wave the photo back and forth to allow it to dry in order to preserve the image forever.

Polaroid Lab Best Buy

Throughout the years, I’ve always counted on the many incarnations of Polaroid instant cameras that have come and gone over the years but now thanks to the Polaroid Lab, ANY photo can now be a Polaroid photo turning all of those memories into photos that I can hold in my hand in an instant!The Polaroid Lab Now You Can Transform Your Memories Into Photos

The Polaroid Lab simplifies and expedites turning your smartphone photos into a handheld memento. Gone are the days of waiting to get home and having to print photos from the printer or uploading photos to a local store and then having to go pick them up.

Polaroid Lab Best BuyThe Polaroid Lab lets me print the photo I want instantly from any place at any time-no waiting required.  Whether you’re hosting a birthday party and you want to send home your guests with a special thank you of the day or you’re traveling and you’re kids want to hold a special moment in their hand or if you’re

a theater arts teacher like I am and you in the midst of organizing sets, props, and costumes for an upcoming production, thanks to our new Polaroid Lab, we can take photos of exactly what the stage make-up looks like, or where exactly to hang masks and costume pieces to make for a seamless transition from one cast to another and have photos hanging to give the students a visual cue of exactly what goes where, thus helping to make them independent and self sufficient.

The Polaroid Lab Now You Can Transform Your Memories Into Photos

The best part is that now label boxes of props with actual photos on the outside of the boxes and no more second-guessing as to what exactly is in the box.

Polaroid Lab Best Buy

The possibilities of how you can use this ingenious product are only limited by your imagination and the more you use the Polaroid Lab, the more ways you’ll think of using it. It truly may be one of the greatest inventions of all time and I can’t think of a better Christmas gift for every person on your list whether they’re a teen, tween, traveler, parent, grandparent, teacher or…. the list is endless.

The Polaroid Lab Now You Can Transform Your Memories Into Photos

The Polaroid Lab is easy to use right from your Smartphones including the iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Xs and newer, Most Android™ Smartphones and is compatible with all of your favorite Polaroid film types from the originals i-Type and 600 film (Color, Black & White and Special Editions). It’s small and compact size makes it easy to take with you everywhere and the optical grade acrylic lenses with the  AR coated on top lens surface makes for stunning images but with the look we’ve all come to know and love over the years that makes Polaroid photos unique in their own way.

The Polaroid Lab Let's You Transform Memories Into Photos

Turn those memories into photos. Now, turn those photos into physical copies! The Polaroid Lab simplifies and expedites turning your smartphone photos into handheld momentos. Head to Best Buy and pick up the new Polaroid Lab, the innovative and fun piece of tech that will be the one gift that they will be thanking you for.

The Polaroid Lab along with all your holiday gift-giving solutions are now at your neighborhood Best Buy.


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