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Teen And Tween Summer Boredom Busters

Thanks to this great list of teen and tween summer boredom busters, the phrase “I’m BORED!” may quickly become a

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thing of the past.  Now more than ever during these unprecedented times, the quest to find new and enticing things to keep your teen and tweens going during these last few weeks of the summer is not always easier but hopefully, our list of teen and tween summer boredom busters will be just what you’ve been searching for to help see you and your family through. The best part is, that most of these can be used at any time of the year and are the perfect thing to have on hand to use all year long. Here are some of our very favorite ideas to add more fun to your child’s day and they’re so simple to use. simply print these out, put them in a jar, and pick out one (or two!) every day and let the fun begin:

Teen and Tween Boredom Busters

Disney's Animal Kingdom 20th Celebration Walt Disney World

Enjoy a One-of-a-kind learning experience from Disney Imagineers

Make a music video or movie

Eat a food you’ve never tried

Learn how to do origami

Ice Cream Sundae Party

Make the best ice cream sandwich ever


Invent a new type of pizza or killer milkshake

Make up  your own water balloon games

Have an overnight movie marathon

Teen And Tween Summer Boredom Busters

Grab a blanket, spread it out in the grass and watch the clouds

Make a card for a friend or grandparent

Plant some vegetables

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Make a cute summer tote bag out of a recycled tank top or jeans

Have a water gunfight

Bury a friend in the sand

Sketch your pet

Sleep in your backyard under the stars

Journal Writing Journaling

Create a photo journal

Make a friendship bracelet and send it to a friend

Go through your closet and make new outfits

Write a poem

Write a song

Write a play

Start writing a novel

Dole Pineapple Julep Smoothie Mickey's 90th Anniversary Recipe

Create a new smoothie recipe

Create a website

Swap a favorite book with a friend and read it

Go geocaching

Have an outdoor basketball free-throw contest

Make a bucket list

Bucket List

Have a high tea, only use iced tea

Help plan the family vacation

Make a root beer float

Paint your toenails

Make the family dinner

Watch the sunrise

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Watch the sunset

Have a clothes fashion show

Learn to grill a hot dog or hamburger

Learn to make your favorite meal

Creamy Chicken Paprika Recipe

Redecorate your room

Make a collage out of old magazines

Skip stones at a lake

Change something about how you wear your hair or make-up

Decide to pick up one good habit, then do it

Teen and Tween Summer Boredom Busters

Make your own popsicles

Watch last year’s hot summer flick

Make a list of your favorite summertime movies in your journal

Listen to an audiobook

Make an earring holder out of a branch

Make peach lemonade

Make a playlist of your favorite workout songs

Goliath Games Family Game Night

Enjoy a board game marathon on your backyard table

Go stargazing

Make some jewelry

University Games Original 3D Crystal Puzzles Holiday Gift Guide

Give your dog/pet a bath outside

Run through a sprinkler

Turn up the music and dance

Learn how to hula-hoop

Create sidewalk art with chalk


Go on a Virtual Exploration With The Whole Family San Diego Zoo

Born In China

Smithsonian Museum of Natural Sciences

With so many things to pick from, chances are the dreaded “I’m Bored” phrase will definitely be a thing of the past. What are your favorite summer boredom busters for your teens and tweens?