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Taking Christmas Down – One Mom’s Whine

You know that feeling of satisfaction you get after you have all your Christmas decor taken down, organized and put away? Yeah, me either, but play along with me here!  Well imagine that feeling and then imagine realizing that you’re no where near finished with the “un-Christmasing” because you still have your parents home to un-decorate!  Welcome to my week! 


So today was deemed the right day to get this done.  The next few days are bringing in much colder weather and even though I live in Georgia it still gets cold here!  I’m begging to move further south, but that’s another story altogether!


So today I headed to my parent’s Tennessee home to take on the least favorite of all Christmas tasks – taking it down and putting it away!  I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m not always a happy worker bee and I get very focused on getting the work done and forget to enjoy the moment and the company.  That’s one of the items on my self improvement list for 2017.  Today was a hard day to start!christmas-holidays-storarge

One of the challenges with my parent’s Christmas decor and storage is that they recently downsized their home and storage, but didn’t downsize the holiday decor at the same ratio.  So the garage storage is like a dangerous game of Tetris while balancing yourself on a combination of ladders, step stools and existing items already in storage.  I’m no spring chicken and tonight my body is feeling the affects of all that climbing, stretching, bending and hanging on for dear life!christmas-holidays-storarge

But the task is now done and I think I did a fairly good job of being “nice” while getting it done.  When I left I couldn’t help but admire the garage with all the boxes stacked on the shelves.  Take heart everyone, it can be done!  And I advise you to take advantage of a nice day and any help offered to get the job done! Daddy and I made a great team today.  It felt good and I began to experience that feeling of satisfaction you have after all your Christmas decor is taken down, organized and put away. Then I remembered what was waiting for me back at my house…..christmas-holidays-storarge


Ok, this may be a job for one of those cold winter days when I stay in my comfy pjs all day! But today we are headed toward fifty degrees! So I’m off to shop for containers for all these pretties to get organized into.