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Take A Bite Out Of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week With These Jaw Dropping Items

The wait is over! It’s time to kick back and gather ’round the television because Shark Week kicks off on July 22 and this year it’s bigger and better than ever before.

Shark-Week 2018 Discovery Channel This year Shark Week just got way more jaw-some! Discovery Channel is celebrating the 30th annual Shark Week this year with a huge slate of cool products, including new companion toys and books to teach little fishies all about sharks.

From the Discovery Sharkopedia visual guide to shark heads filled with slime, kids can use Shark Week books and toys to learn more about the ocean’s toothiest creature every day of the year.

Shark-Week 2018 Discovery Channel

Just check out these great products that  will provide kids with fun, fascinating facts on sharks to keep them at the top of the food chain during summer break:

Bright Kingdom debuted a selection of shark toys including an Isle of Jaws Playset, a Shark Rescue Transit, a Shark Hands with Sound, and a Figure Set

Shark Week Playset

Magic Time released Shark Week themed toys including Shark Heads filled with slime or magic sand, Shark foam balls, 18” Shark Head Grabber, and a Shark Bite Game

Discovery Sharkopedia (TIME) – Celebrate Discovery Shark Week all year long with Discovery Sharkopedia, the definitive visual guide to everything there is to know about sharks! With more than 40

It’s time to get ready to dive in-Shark Week is celebrating its 30th anniversary and you won’t want to miss a draw-dropping moment of any of it!


Sunday, July 22

7 p.m. ET, Alien Sharks: Greatest Hits — The ocean is home to a number of odd, fascinating and creepy critters—these are the best of the weird.

8 p.m. ET, Bear vs. Shark — Adventurer Bear Grylls is at it again, but this time he’s taking on the deep blue’s most powerful predators.


9 p.m. ET, Shaq Does Shark Week — Even 7-foot-1-inch Shaquille O’Neal is afraid of something: sharks. Lucky for him, the basketball legend will have the guidance of comedian and former Marine Rob Riggle to get over his fear.

10 p.m. ET, Ronda Rousey Uncaged — Olympian and UFC Hall of Famer Ronda Rousey goes head-to-head with a mako shark.

Monday, July 23

8 p.m. ET, Monster Tag — Athletes Aaron RodgersLindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski team up with scientists to learn about wildlife tags, which help researchers figure out where sharks feed, mate and birth their pups—crucial information that will help conserve the species.

9 p.m. ET, Great White Abyss — Experts go to great white hotspot Guadalupe Island in search of giant sharks.

10 p.m. ET, Cuba’s Secret Shark Lair — Researchers were finally granted permission to delve into the mystery of Cuba’s gigantic sharks.

Tuesday, July 24

8 p.m. ET, Guy Fieri’s Feeding Frenzy — Celebrity chef Guy Fieri and his son head to the Bahamas to sample the local cuisine and to learn why sharks love dining near these islands.

9 p.m. ET, Laws of Jaws — Divers reenact five harrowing real-life shark encounters to figure out why shark attacks are on the rise.

10 p.m. ET, Air Jaws: The Hunted — Last year, five great whites were found dead. The prime suspects? Orcas. Scientists uncover whodunit and see if a similar attack could happen again.

Wednesday, July 25

8 p.m. ET, Air Jaws: Back From The Dead — With shark populations dwindling, filmmakers try to search for an elusive flying shark.

9 p.m. ET, Shark Tank Meets Shark Week — The cast of ABC’s Shark Tank compete for a $50,000 donation for a oceanic-themed charity.

10 p.m. ET, SharkCam Stakeout — Scientists go to the Bahamas to investigate the private lives of sharks.

Thursday, July 26

8 p.m. ET, SharkCam Strikes Back — A look back at the SharkCam team’s trials and triumphs over the last 6 years.

9 p.m. ET, Sharkwrecked — Two brave souls spend two days floating with sharks with no food, water or sleep.

10 p.m. ET, Tiger Shark Invasion — Researchers document how tiger sharks are turning the Galapagos’ ecosystem upside down.

Friday, July 27

The Meg Shark Week

8 p.m. ET, Megalodon: Fact vs. Fiction — What if the largest shark that ever existed were still alive today?  Plus, an exclusive first look at The Meg, opening August 10, 2018.

9 p.m. ET, Bloodline: Spawn of Jaws — Over four decades ago, all the sharks off Long Island were caught and killed…but there may be a few survivors.

10 p.m. ET, Great White Shark Babies — Pregnant great white females migrate to Guadalupe for for a final feeding before giving birth, and researchers follow them to their birthing ground to keep the pups from harm.

Saturday, July 28


9 p.m. ET, Return of the Mega Shark — Filmmakers search for the largest great white sharks off the coast of New Zealand.

10 p.m. ET, Sharks Gone Wild — A rundown of this year’s shark news, including unbelievable viral videos and cutting-edge science.

Sunday, July 29 

9 p.m. ET, Naked and Afraid of Sharks — Five Naked and Afraid All-Stars are tasked with surviving 14 days on the ocean.

Shark-Week 2018 Discovery Channel

Don’t miss any of the excitement of Shark Week and don’t forget to keep the curiosity and discovery going long after the week is over with the wide array of fun that you can bring home for everyone in the family.