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Survival And Safety Tips For Women On Their Own

Living alone does not mean that you are helpless; quite the opposite! Empower yourself to live a fulfilling, safe life as a single lady thanks to these easy to use survival and safety tips for women on their own.

Safety Tips Women Living On their own

The Dating Game

Be smart when going on a first date, especially if you don’t know this person well. The world can be scary and dark sometimes (any Netflix documentary will tell you that), so cover your bases any time you meet someone new.

Safety Tips Women Living On their own

  • Perform an address search on the person you’re about to go on a first date with. No, it doesn’t sound crazy, it sounds smart. Whether you met this person at the dog park or online, you never know what to expect.
  • Never invite a stranger to your home or agree to meet at their home. Arrange a meeting in a well-lit, public area like a coffee shop or restaurant.
  • Tell someone close to you about your date: the person’s name, where you’re meeting and what time.


Whether you’re handy with tools or not, it’s worth it to learn and fix things yourself if you live alone. This doesn’t mean that you need to know how to do everything, but knowing the basics will teach you valuable life skills.

Safety Tips Women Living On their own

  • Have a basic tool set handy: a good hammer; nails; a wrench; pliers; zip-ties; and a screwdriver set.
  • Check YouTube for tutorials. You can find anything on YouTube and it’s a great resource for seeing a project step-by-step.
  • Follow all safety procedures before doing anything DIY. Wear protective safety gear and shut off electricity and water. If the project is unsafe and over your head, leave it to a professional.

When Chocolate Calls

Chocolate Safety Tips Women Living On their own

Men will never understand that insatiable, irresistible urge for sweetness when it calls. Be ready for that calling by having some go-to goodies perfect for not sharing!

  • Mug desserts: These microwavable treats are the answer to satisfying a craving without making a whole batch. Best of all, they take about a minute to bake!
  • Nutella. It’s happiness in a jar! Nutella is great smeared, dipped and spread on pretty much anything you want to add a little bit of sweetness too.
  • Frozen chocolate. If you like having chocolate around the house, store it in the freezer. Not only is frozen chocolate amazing, but it won’t melt on warm days and it takes longer to eat.

Safety Tips Women Living On their own

Being a woman in this world has never been easy, but thankfully there are more resources and support systems available today than ever before. Live your best life and make yourself happy every day!