Family Fun

Science Discovery Day Comes To San Francisco


The time has come to unleash your inner scientist and come out to enjoy the 5th annual Discovery Day at AT&T Park in San Francisco, CA.   Discovery Day is for scientists young and old, however a majority of the attendees are families and children.   This year, every exhibit was framed as investigative questions to encourage exploration and curiosity in the hopes that this will continue throughout the school year for those who attended.

There are hundreds of hands-on-activities for the children to engage in, learn, and become very excited and interested in science. Some of these activities include:

  • What Makes Up Our Blood



  • Color Chromotography- how do we separate out colors



  • What do common viruses look like

Discovery-Day-San -Francisco


There even was a human brain for scientists young and old to touch and explore.These hands on exhibits and activities came from some of the leading science and technology organizations from all across the San Francisco Bay Area. These range from Universities such as Stanford and UC San Francisco, to local science Museums such as The Lawrence Hall of Science to Research Labs from DuPont to Novartis. We cannot forget our friends at Chevron who have the STEM zone where we get lost in the world of robots and engineering where our imaginations and possibilities are endless. 


If you did not have the chance to make it out this year to one of the Bay Area Science Festivals, I strongly encourage you and your family to try and make it out next year. They are located throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and remember you are only limited by your imagination.