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Refresh And Relax With Our Favorite Boozy Summer Drinks

With summer quickly coming to a close you can still refresh and relax with our favorite boozy summer drinks! There is still time to enjoy the lazy, hazy days of summer and celebrate the fun with friends, and family.

Perfect Cocktails for Summer

The days are longer so we can enjoy more time outside together whether it be by participating in fun family activities, taking a dip in the pool, or having close friends and family over for a tasty barbecue. Whatever the celebration might be, there is always a tasty summer drink that can be enjoyed.

Summer Wine Slushies And well, even if it’s not for a celebration, you can still enjoy these delicious drinks with a kick any time you want! No waiting necessary-it’s time to refresh and relax with our favorite Boozy Summer Drinks and the best part, they all can easily be turned into family-friendly versions as well so the entire family can toast the end of summer together. 

Berry Sangria Slushy

bring home a taste of vacation home with you with our easy to make Boozy Raspberry Margarita


Nothing says summer like a fun and delicious slushy! This berry sangria slushy is super easy to make, with only two ingredients, and will cool you off in the warm summer heat.

Pineapple Pepsi Vodka


This tropical cocktail is another easy to make drink to help you cool off in the warmer months. It’s perfect for summer!

Spanish Rose SangriaSummer Wine Slushies



A twist on the classic red wine-based sangria, this rose sangria is perfect for an afternoon with friends and family near the pool.

Raspberry Orange Cocktail


This orange raspberry sparkling wine cocktail is the ultimate summer cocktail! Combine orange liquor with raspberry sorbet and fresh raspberries in a bubbly delicious drink.  

Boozy Backyard Sweet Tea


This tasty backyard sweet tea isn’t your typical sweet tea. It’s more of a tasty rum cocktail for any summer holiday, party, or get together with friends.

S’mores Martini

Summer Drinks For Adults


A delicious and beautiful dessert martini. This S’mores martini combines vanilla vodka with chocolate milk, creme de cacao and cream.

Sunshine Cocktail

Favorite Cocktails For Adults Summer


A refreshing and light drink that is perfect for summer, this sunshine cocktail combines fruit and a bit of whiskey.

Vodka Sweet Tea


A twist on a southern staple, this vodka sweet tea is a refreshing cocktail to enjoy in the heat of summer.

Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail

Refresh And Relax With Our Favorite Boozy Summer Drinks


Made with fresh mandarin orange and pomegranate juice, this boozy summer drink is a great way to quench your thirst!

Dirty Shirley Temple Cocktail


If you grew up enjoying Shirley Temples, then you are going to enjoy the adult version too. It is the perfect cocktail to serve during the summer.

Mango Wine Slushies

Summer Wine Slushies


These refreshing slushies have a touch of ginger and lime to give your summer drinks a new twist. Perfect for pool parties and summer celebrations!

Grape Cocktail


This grape cocktail is a delicious drink for adults that includes vanilla liquor, fresh grapes, and grape juice!

20 Irresistible Wine Slushies

How will you be saying good-bye to the summer and hello to the fall and what are your favorite ways to refresh and relax during these final carefree days? Our favorite Boozy Summer Drinks are the perfect place to start!