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Quick And Easy Disney-Themed Tee-Shirts With The Cricut Explore

Now you can create quick and easy Disney-themed tee shirts with the Cricut Explore. When it comes to having unique cool designs that my kids and I both approve of, the Cricut Explore is the tool for the job. With a princess and Minnie loving daughter and a Star Wars and airplane obsessed son, the best way to go is custom. The tools I used for this quick job are easily found at your local craft supply store.

  1. I picked up some great Disney-themed fabric  (To be honest the kids picked the fabric.)
  2. Permanent fabric bond (iron-on)
  3. Plain, no pocket t-shirts (Bought ours on a 60% clearance sale!)
Gathering all the supplies to make iron-ons with!

Gathering all the supplies to make iron-ons with!

Here are the quick and easy directions:

  1.  Preheat your iron to the temperature suggested 
  2. Cut out the fabric and the bonding adhesive you need for the image you want cut out on your shirt making sure it is not too large but where the image takes up 50% of the middle chest area of your child’s shirt.
  3. Bond your material together, then let cool.
  4. Turn on your Cricut Explore, or other fabric capable cutting machine, and load the image you will be cutting. I am able to create images in Photoshop and save them as a PNG file, which enabled me to create this cool Rebel Alliance symbol.
  5. Final Cut on the Cricut! Ready to iron on!

    Final Cut on the Cricut! Ready to iron on!


  6. Once your material (with iron-on adhesive attached) is cooled, place it on to the cutting mat.
  7. Remove the paper backing from the adhesive before adhering the fabric to the mat.
  8. Set the dial to the fabric setting and make your cut!
Final cut ready for application!

Final cut ready for application!

Now all that is left to do is remove the backing of the fabric and iron-on to your shirt. While you are ironing the fabric onto the shirt, you want to use a pillowcase to cover the image so it doesn’t stick to your iron. After the design has cooled, your child will have a one-of-a-kind design all of their own. 

Cricut Craft Shirt

He Loved The Finished Product!


The Cricut Explore allows for so much creativity, personalization, and allows the imagination to reign supreme. What have you created with your Cricut Explore?