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Personalized And Easy To Make Sports Themed Ornaments

Now create special Christmas memories with our personalized and easy to make Sports Themed Ornaments that over the years will remind your children of a very special time in their lives.

Sports Themed Ornament

If your family is like ours it seems like we are always in the car hearing from school to practice to games, repeat. Sports have always been a huge part of our lives and it truly brings the entire family together. Now you can commemorate this important time for your children, or even better, customize these to honor the die-hard sports fan in your house.

Personalized Easy To Make Christmas Ornaments Sports Themed

Stumped on what to get for your child’s teacher? These are the ideal gift for the teacher who is a sports fanatic. Make one just for them and combine it with memorabilia from their favorite team or game tickets. It’s the perfect way to say thank you for a job well done.  Our personalized and easy to make Sports Ornaments are timeless and are only limited by your imagination.  Let’s get started.


Process Pictures Sports Themed Ornament

Clear plastic or glass ball ornaments 

Mini Christmas sports ornaments 

Soccer Ornaments

Football Ornaments

Basketball Ornaments

Baseball Ornaments 

Dance Ornaments


Hot glue or tacky glue

Inspirational Word Stickers 


  • Remove the cap from each ornament.

Process Pictures Sports Themed Ornament

  • Cut the hangers from the mini sports ornaments.

How To Make Sports Themed Ornament

  • Drop the ornaments into the clear ornament and replace the cap.

Sports Themed Ornament

  • Using hot glue or tacky glue, attach the inspirational word to the outside of the clear ornament. Allow to dry completely before packaging or display.

Sports Themed Ornament

The best part of these ornaments is that they can be customized with any of your favorites-from tiny books for the book lovers in your life, to travel items for the traveler, teaching themed items for your favorite teacher, the possibilities are endless only limited by your imagination.

Easy To Make Christmas Ornaments

It’s so much fun to create a new set each year, that represent each year, and even more fun as you unpack your ornaments to hang on the tree, remembering the years gone by.   Whether you create our quick and easy Sports Themed Ornaments, or something else, this is the perfect activity for a weekend afternoon, a class project, homeschool or create and give to others. Now the only question is, which ornaments will you make first?