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Week 3 It’s All About NuMi With @Nutrisystem #NSNation #ad

Week 3 is here and it’s all about NuMi with Nutrisytem this week in my quest to a healthier and happier me.

@Nutirsystem #NSNation

 One of the key things I have discovered, now that I’ve been on the program for a few weeks and am starting to settle in, is that this is in no way just a diet meal delivery service or a convenient ready-to-eat packaged meal program but rather it’s helping me to change my ways of eating, seeing myself, and my lifestyle in general. While it’s great to have meals you can not only count on, but take on the go with you, it’s more about a new way of looking and examining what and how you eat.

@Nutirsystem #NSNation

Can you say stress eating? We’ve all done it and I was more than a little guilty of seeking solace in food when my life wasn’t going quite as planned and lately. Unfortunately that seemed to be every day.

#NSNation Nutrisystem

But thanks to Nutrisystem, I was now really looking at what I was eating, when I was eating and most importantly why I was eating because every bite truly does count. Now that I have an easy way to keep track of all of my eating, exercise and water consumption,, it really has helped me to see how far I’ve come in just a few short weeks, and to celebrate the little victories because together they will add up to be the big victory in the end.

@Nutirsystem #NSNation

The Choice Is Always Yours To Make

This week will put me to the test as I set sail on a cruise to the Dominican Republic and we all know that with being on a cruise ship comes fabulous foods and temptations but luckily I have my NuMi app right on my phone to help me stay the course.  With my NuMi app I can track my food, water and exercise on a daily basis and has suggestions of what to eat for each meal.

#NSNation Nutrisystem


Although I did pack every snack I had to take with me, with the help of this app, hopefully I’ll be able to make the choices that are right for me and keep me on track so if I’m not quite sure what to have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner all I have to do is turn on my phone and my NuMi app will give me meal recommendations as well as let me know how many calories I’ve burned snorkeling or zip lining although I won’t have a scale for the next two weeks,

Nutrisystem #NSNation I already learned that I should have tried on my clothes before I threw them into my suitcase as they’ve become quite loose on me and that’s a great feeling. Between the 5 pounds I lost the first week, and the three additional ones that I had lost up until the time I left the house, seeing the Nutrisytem program working is a great motivational factor to stick with it even while I’m gone. 

@Nutirsystem #NSNation

Breakfast Is Served and Never Tasted So Good

Stay tuned right here to see how I do as I sail the seas and here’s to a brand new me. 

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