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Now There’s A Vegan Alternative In Toothpaste-WITH MY Toothpaste-The Vegan Alternative That Gives Back To Others With Every Purchase!

Did you know that not all toothpaste is created the same?  Truthfully neither did but now there is a brand new company that makes it easy to protect not only your teeth and what goes into your body but is acutely aware of the ethical treatment of the animals of this world and are offering to the world a toothpaste with the Vegan consumer and thus WITH MY Toothpaste was born. WITH MY Toothpaste Vegan Ingredients

So why not make it safe and meaningful? WITH MY toothpastes are dentist developed and safe for all–children, elders, and even those of you who are pregnant! EWG Verified (for safe ingredients!) and PETA registered Cruelty-Free and Vegan. They use NO SLS, SLES, Paraben, Saccharin, Flavoring, Scent, Triclosan, or Microbead. But the part that really got my full attention about this wonderful new product  is that with each purchase, you’re helping build a Kindergarten in rural Cambodia!WITH MY Toothpaste Vegan Ingredients

So now I can brush my teeth every day with something that not only tastes good but gives back to others as well. Your purchase of WITH MY Toothpaste means that you are contributing to kindergarten classrooms with additional support going towards construction, materials, man-power, and a sewage system. as well as the recruitment of teachers and school supplies and all you have to do to make that dream come true is brush your teeth with WITH MY Toothpaste.  It’s just that easy. 


So whether you’re looking for a healthier way to keep your teeth their sparkling best or are looking for that perfect, easy to take and eat plant bases meal, look no further than WITH MY Toothpaste and help make yourself a healthier, happier you all while giving back to others. 



Disclosure: We received products for the purposes of this review however the thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% our own