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Do Not Mess With My Disney Stuff – One Mom’s Whine

I admit it!  I’m a certified Disney fanatic! I LOVE all the Disney “stuff” too!  Now that’s not a bad thing, most of the time.  But some months when the credit card statement arrives it can be a little scary!  And there’s always the problem of hiding places, um, I mean storage….


In the past two years I’ve gone from having a generic bag from WDW and the occasional t-shirt from the parks to having Disney purses by Dooney and Bourke and Harvey’s, leggings and dresses from LuLaRoe, Run Disney shoes from New Balance, Mickey Crocs, and jewelry from Pandora!  Hi, My name is Tammy, and I have a problem….

It’s just so easy, because it’s all so cute!  And once you join one of the Facebook groups for any of the above you’ll immediately discover all the rest.  Stop searching now!  I know what you’re doing and trust me, it will hook you too!

Run Disney

The other problem with all the wonderful and magical stuff is trying to plan using it at the parks!  Do I really need a different purse for each outfit?  Well, duh, yes!  They need to match, right?  Ok so how about the shoes?  You can’t wear Little Mermaid shoes with your Minnie Mouse themed dress!! You see the problem here!  Leggings and jewelry are the easy ones!  They all pack very easily in a small space! I’ve got my sixteen outfits for the trip all planned out to perfection – then it hits me – I only have three days at the parks on this trip!  The other two days are travel days to and from!


So why, you ask, do I continue to find these super cute items and purchase them?  Well I guess the best reason is as Disney as it gets – they make me happy!  And almost every time I wear or carry them they make other people smile too!  I always get questions about my purse, shoes, jewelry or clothes. That leads to a conversation about our love of all things Disney and turns a complete stranger into a fellow addict and friend!Pandora My Disney Stuff - One Mom's Whine


You’ve been warned!  Put down that mouse, no pun intended!