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Navigating Walt Disney World With A Disability

Navigating Walt Disney World with a disability doesn’t have to be a daunting task because thanks to Disney, they’ve made their Parks more accessible than ever, no matter what your needs happen to be.

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Being married to a man with a disability offers a unique set of challenges when traveling, especially in such a massive amusement park. A disability can be a number of different hindrances from normal mobility.

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Being married to someone with an amputation that doesn’t use a prosthetic can be that much more complicated when conquering a huge amusement park with someone with normal ability to walk. Walt Disney World, however, is very accommodating to those who have disabilities and mobility problems.

Follow along as I share what made navigating Walt Disney World with a disabled spouse a little easier. 

Electric Conveyance Vehicles

An Electric Conveyance Vehicle is a service that Walt Disney World offers to people with mobility issues. Although an ECV is based on a first come first served basis and costs up to $50.00 dollars for a daily rental, it was a must-have for my husband. Walt Disney World is of course packed with so many people, even thousands of people at one time.

Navigating Walt Disney World With Disabilities

The ECV was beneficial to my husband because he was able to go from point A to point B without much physical effort and move easily throughout the crowds of people.  If you can’t afford or are not able to rent an EVC from the park itself, you are able to bring in your own power wheelchair or scooter. You can find out more information about rentals of an ECV on the Walt Disney World Website.  You are also able to use complimentary manual wheelchairs.

Guides For Guests With Disabilities

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When having a spouse who is unable to walk, move around, or transfer easily, We basically had to know the shortcuts for people with disabilities. Walt Disney World offers guides for every theme park. It was easy to print straight from the website.

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Walt Disney World breaks down what attractions a disabled person can participate in, without having to leave the comforts of a wheelchair or ECV. It is amazing to know a theme park puts so much thought and effort into making sure their guests are comfortable with normal mobility or with someone who has a mobile disability.Epcot international flower and Garden Festival #FreshEpcot Epcot Walt Disney World

The guides that Walt Disney World offers made it easier for us to enjoy our time together making memories, instead of being stressed about where we could find the attractions that we could participate in.  We specifically enjoyed Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.  It does not matter your disability, Walt Disney World makes it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

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Walt Disney World Is A Magical Place Indeed

Having a disabled spouse can be hard. Finding things we can both enjoy as a couple without making the disabled spouse feeling left out is even harder.  The world itself is taking more notice with people with disabilities, but Walt Disney World has upped its game for all people. We enjoyed being together at Walt Disney World, because it was a place that was accessible for my husband, so we could be together making memories.

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Have you visited Walt Disney World before? What was your favorite memory? What are your best tips for navigating Walt Disney World with disabilities?

navigating Walt Disney World with disabilities