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Meet Robert “Bob” Eckman

Hi! I am Robert “Bob” Eckman and I am currently lucky enough to be living the life of leisure after 20 years as a college textbook professional and college bookstore manager.  Although many times throughout the year you will find me in universities all over the West Coast supervising college bookstores buybacks, retirement has left me the time to fully explore life as a professional musician.  A keyboard player since my teens, I have played everything from hotels to Vegas, to Tahoe to Reno, to Casinos far and wide with bands ranging from 80’s and 90’s rock to being the keyboardist for one of the best known Elvis tribute bands around. I am happiest when I am on stage performing but recently I find myself most fulfilled musically when I am working as musical director for a wide variety of professional musical productions throughout Northern California.  I am a late blooming Disney enthusiast, not fully appreciated all the magic Disney had to offer until the last 10 years.  It just goes to show you that you are never to late to develop a passion for all things Disney. Aside from my passion for music I am a huge fan of Pixar, Marvel, and Apple products and I love the connections between all these companies and the deep commitment they all have to producing the very best products possible whether it’s a movie, a theme park or a computer.  I will talk all things Marvel, comics, Science Fiction, Star Trek and Star Wars with you any time, any place.