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Making Running Fun With runDisney!

 For many the thought of merging running and Disney together might sound painful. During my post-military and post-baby transition I was goal deprived. What incentive do I have to look better in my clothes or look appealing with spit-up in my hair? My now sister-in-law mentioned that Disneyland held a 5k, 10k, and Half Marathon and now a “Double Dare”.


I thought well I could do a 5k, that’s not hard. Well it wasn’t hard, that part was right, dodging 12,000 runners at 5:30 in the morning through the back lot of Disneyland and California Adventure was the challenge. But the benefits were seeing floats, marching bands, the horses stables, and characters along the route was the best. But if that doesn’t seem appealing the sense of accomplishment that every cast member gives you as they high four as you pass them, cheering you on makes it truly magical.

So, as I have now completed 3 10ks and one 5k and am preparing to run the Captain America Inaugural 10k in November at Disneyland Resort I can say that this is fun! (The 10k is my holy grail, better shirt, better medal, more characters and not 13.1 miles.) I never thought running would be fun again.  I have recruited family and friends to join the fun of running the route with me.

Racing Through Cars Land

Where else can you see a Churro running a 10k??? But even more beautiful is watching the sunrise as you pass “it’s a small world”  !!! So if you need tips or tricks to the courses or costume inspiration I say look no further. Dress your best and runDisney! Disney is now offering NINE different runs from Fairies to Star Wars! Disney has brought out the characters in all of us. Find something that inspires you and crawl, walk or run it! That’s right there are even Diaper Dash and Kids Races!

The rules and events are always changing and always go to the rundisney.com page for full details.


Me and my husband running! Me with my new bionic arm!

Me and my husband running! Me with my new bionic arm!