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Make S.T.E.M Come To Life With Build-a-Bot By Colorific

With school kicking off soon, back-to-school shopping has begun. Families are piling their baskets high with note paper, binders, highlighters but what about putting one more thing in that basket that will end the summer on a great note and get your children’s imagination kickstarted all while having fun?  


Now thanks to  Build-a-Bot by Colorific  we have the perfect way to to just that with a colorful robot that you kids can  build and customize t customize all on their own.  Build-a-Bot is the latest exciting addition to the S.T.E.A.M. toy market and is available in 3 adorable characters including Bunny, Dino and Fox. With 20+ pieces you can construct your own bot and watch it hop to life! You can even take the robots apart and reassemble, or mix and match parts to create unique configurations. Along with instructions, every pack includes a build certificate and a full sheet of stickers.  

Build A Bot

The kit is so easy to use that not only could the girls build it, but even I could. Each piece of the kit is numbered for easy assembly and putting it together is literally as easy as 1-2-3.  


To get started simply choose your Build-a-Bot buddy and let the building and creation of  your very own robot come to life.  Build-a-Bot is really easy to make. You can even add your own personal touches too. And when the building is over, simply switch it on and watch it come to life and hop right to it. One of the things we liked the best about these is that with Build-a-Bots you can even take them apart and reassemble or mix and match your characters. Build-a-Bot takes robotics to the next level by building and personalizing  your very own pet. 


Each Build-a-Bot comes with:

• Build your bot with 20+ pieces and the easy click and create system
• Instructions are included with learning features
• Build certificate and full sheet of stickers included

* You will need 2 AA Batteries and a Small Phillips Screwdriver which is not included to complete your Build-a-Bot.Build A Bot


  • Discover technology through hands on activities
  • S.T.E.M. Learning Mixed with Fun – Bringing building & learning for more play value and long-term benefits.
  • Activity-focused to create real learning experiences.
  • Gives children confidence to take apart and play with mechanical parts, to create a strong grasp of technology.Build A Bot

How it works:

  • Easily build your own pet with simple snap together components
  • Electronic motor allows your pet to hop across the table and over obstacles!
  • Complete your creation with your very own sticker designs
  • Bring your pet to life with special food triggers!
  • Build A Bot


There is an old proverb that ends with “What I Do, I Understand…”  Bring the fun and learning of S.T.E.M. home to your child with Build-a-Bot. Build-a-Bot by Colorific will be available at Walmart (US only) on July 31th and retails for $19.99.  Build, customize and play with Build-a-Bot!
Disclosure: We received a Build-a-Bot for the purpose of this review however the thoughts and opinions expressed here are 100% our own.