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Magical Christmas Destinations Where To Visit This Christmas

What are your magical Christmas destinations? It’s time to pack your bags because here is our favorite magical Christmas destinations and where to visit this Christmas.  When you think of Christmas you probably think of family and being at home. Here are some magical Christmas destinations that may make you change your mind and go somewhere with the family instead.

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

From snowy escapes to tropical paradises- there are so many places that offer a memorable festive experience. From nativity scenes, to light displays, to holiday meals and other activities for families to enjoy- there is really a lot to see and enjoy.

Rovaniemi, Finland

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

You can’t get a more suitable place to visit than this- the home of Santa Claus and his post office.  It’s like walking into a real-life Christmas snow globe. Letters arrive from all over the world and they are sorted into country code at Santa’s post office. There are many Christmas attractions as well; like Santa’s Park and Santa’s Holiday Village. There are activities like learning how to become an elf by decorating trees in the enchanted woods and going on a husky sled.

Zipolite, Mexico

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

For a sandy and warm getaway for Christmas, Ziploite is definitely one for the books. The town is actually quiet for most of the year- except for when tourists come around Christmas time. Laying on the clothing-optional beach and enjoying a special homemade meal at one of the beach café’s, Café Maya, makes you feel like you’re at home. Except that you’re at home on the beach in the wonderful heat.

Jasper, Canada

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

Experience a wonderful Christmas in the place that celebrates Winter. By Christmas day the Rockies are filled with soft, white snow. Jasper is in the heart of the Rockies and makes for the perfect White Christmas. There’s a lot to do in Jasper; like relaxing indoors in front of a blazing fire, ice skating on a frozen lake at Pyramid Lake, go skiing in the mountains at Marmot Basin, enjoying the view of glaciers and capped mountains down Icefield’s Parkway.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

For a real Winter Wonderland experience, Vilnius is a must-see. Hop on the train that goes through Old Town and enjoy the breath-taking nativity scenes that are projected in 3D on the buildings. Visit the Christmas Village for local treats and goods. Awe at the view of the majestic Christmas trees which are close to 90 feet tall and made of 6000 branches. If you go somewhere high and look down, the Christmas trees resemble the shape of the clock of the Cathedral Square Bell Tower. Want to stay close to all the Christmas magic? The Kempinski Hotel in Cathedral Square would be the closest you can get to all the Christmas wonders during the festive season.

Tokyo, Japan

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

Visit Tokyo for a sensational experience with their fascinating Winter illuminations. The different districts compete with one another for the winning illuminations. The illuminations have over 100 000 silver and blue light displays and a beautiful Baccarat chandelier made of crystal, which can be found at the Yebisu Garden Place.

Coron, Philippines

Christmas Coron

Go to this tropical paradise for a warm Christmas. The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and it’s super affordable. During Christmas time they have rainy season but Coron is still mostly sunny. Go scuba diving to enjoy the sunken warships, book a hopping trip to explore the islands- remember to visit Kayangan Lake- which is the cleanest lake in Asia, hike to the top of the hill to see the Philippines style Hollywood sign which overlooks Coron and enjoy the view!

Ghent, Belgium

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

Ghent is a beautiful medieval city, with its cobbled streets and fairytale-like appearance. It’s especially beautiful during the winter months which is just in time for their Winter Festival that’s called “Gentse Winterfeesten”. The festival is filled with traditional market stalls which sell foods from all over the world. There are also magnificent light displays and there’s an ice rink by the city’s Pavilion. There’s a meet-and-greet with Santa Claus and there’s a fairground with different rides, including a Ferris wheel which offers you a perfect view of the city. If you decide to also go to Gravesteen during this time, you will get to see the rooms in the medieval castle with a mesmerizing Christmas setting to them.

The Vatican, Italy

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

The best way to describe this city in one word is eternal. This city is magical all-year-round but in December it is extra special. You’ll find roasted chestnuts being sold at every corner of the city as well as nativity scenes everywhere. For the nativity scenes, you should go see them at Piazza Navona and Saint Peter’s Square. An experience to remember would definitely be attending the midnight service on Christmas Eve and afternoon service on Christmas Day at Saint Peter’s Basilica.

Cape Town, South Africa

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

A lot of countries have to endure Christmas in cold weather. And that’s what makes Cape Town really special during the Christmas season. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas in South Africa means summer and summertime means more fun. While some Christmas locations will give you a White Christmas, so will Cape Town. But instead of white with snow, it will be white with sand beaches. There are so many activities to do in Cape Town; from visiting Robin Island to visiting several beaches, to climbing Table Mountain (the highest mountain in the world), to shark diving, nature trekking, visiting the famous wine farms and going on safari tours. The options are endless, but most importantly; enjoy the magnificent views and the weather!

Málaga, Spain

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

Málaga goes all out in terms of Christmas markets, concerts at Plaza de la Constitución, nativity scenes and the Verdiales Music Festival during the holiday season. During the Verdiales Music Festival, visitors watch couples that compete in different forms of verdiales (flamenco dance) in extravagant costumes. Now that’s something unique to experience! Another beautiful sight to see is the Christmas lights along the street Calle Larios.

Magical Christmas Destinations-Where To Visit This Christmas

Now the only decision left to make is where will you take in the magic of the holidays this Christmas. Where are your favorite places to visit during the holiday season and if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? What makes it a magical Christmas destination for you?