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Kingdom in the Kitchen – Make Yourself A Mickey Rice Krispy Treat!

What do you do to keep the magic alive in between visits to Walt Disney World?  Maybe it’s putting “It’s a Small World” on your playlist, using your favorite refillable mug on your morning commute, or checking wait times from 10,000 miles away.  Come on – every Mickey lovin’ fan does something.  Well here’s a simple way to bring some much needed magic in your kitchen.

Everyone loves the rice krispy treats sold everywhere in Walt Disney World.  You know them!  Vacation is not complete without getting one or more of these spectacular items.  Well here’s the “fast pass” version so you can satisfy the young Mickey lovers at home!

Warning: you can’t eat just one!

What you need: You will need 6 cups of rice krispy cereal, a bag of regular size marshmallows and a stick of salted butter (the recipe is usually on the bag of marshmallows and the cereal).  If you want chocolate covered treats and frankly, who doesn’t, go to your local craft supply store to purchase chocolate melts. 

What to do:  Melt the butter carefully and then remove from the heat and add the marshmallows .  Stir continuously until the everything is melted together.  Add the cups of cereal one at a time stirring.  Spray a cookie sheet or use parchment paper (make sure your cookie sheet has a low edge).

Spread the mix and flatten in the cookie sheet and place in the fridge for a few hours.  

In the meantime get your Mickey cutters ready, sprinkles and candy melts.

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

The smallest one was the easiest to use.  

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

Take your treats out of the fridge and start using your Mickey cutters.  

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

Make as many as you can and set them aside to decorate!

The chocolate melts go in the microwave.  Different brands have different directions but it is usually takes about 45 – 60 seconds.  Mix the chocolate after you remove from the microwave until it is all melted.  As you can witness below I have not yet mastered the chocolate part!  You can dip your treat in a cup full of the chocolate melts or you can use a spoon to spread it on.  I do a bit of both as I am not sure yet which works better!

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

Decorate with your favorite sprinkles!  Do it quickly before your chocolate dries! Then I usually put them back in the fridge.  

Mickey Rice Krispy Treats

Although they are not perfect looking by any means your kids will love them!  What’s not to love?  So while you have the tunes cranking in the kitchen, forget checking those wait times and create some magic until your next trip!

Warning: watch the plate as these will go faster than Frozen Ever After fast passes!  Pretty cool!