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The Road to the Disney Performing Arts Conservatory-How To Audition For Disney

Ever wondered how to audition for Disney? Several years ago, before he became a Cast Member at the Walt Disney World Resort, my son Zack was invited to live out his dreams of a lifetime when was invited to be a part of the first and only week long Disney Performing Arts Conservatory at Disneyland Resort in California. 
For those unfamiliar with this program, students from across the country had the chance to hone their performance skills at first-ever Disney Performing Arts Conservatory. Much like today’s one day Disney performing academies, this five-day comprehensive series of workshops focus on select areas of the performing arts including acting, dancing and vocal.  Led by entertainment professionals, students such as Zack participated in master classes, will go behind the scenes of beloved Disneyland Resort entertainment offerings as well as learn just what it takes to have a career in the entertainment industry and what it’s like once you achieve your goal. These workshops and classes culminate with a performance put on in Disney California Adventure Park on the Hollywood Back Lot Stage. 

Zack’s particular passion is dance-more specifically, Zack is a hoofer. He came out of the womb tapping and hasn’t stopped ever since. Trained by Katherine Malaby of the acclaimed Katherine Wheeler Dancers from the ripe old age of 3, over the years Zack has not only grown as a performer but perfected his art both as a dancer, and as a competitor as a member of the award winning,  nationally ranked Katherine Wheeler Competition team .

Recently, Zack has branched out into teaching and choreographing.  And while  dancing and being on stage is a part of his soul and who he is, when the email came letting us know that Disney was excited to have him as a participant and please come ready to sing your favorite musical theater song, I must admit we were thrown for loop-at least a little bit. However, like with all good Disney storytelling, because after all, isn’t it the story telling that Disney does best; this story has a happy ending.

 Readers from all over immediately gave positive energy and fabulous suggestions to help Zack find “THE” song and for that, we are eternally grateful. So just what goes into finding the perfect song? Here’s what we learned along the way:
  •  First, pick a song that best fits you. Be comfortable, be yourself and remember in the end, you aren’t there to impress others-you are there to showcase who you are.
  •           Pick a song that allows you to show who you are through your stage presence-a song that will allow you to show your confidence and most importantly a song you can have fun with.
  • ·         Be friendly, confident, in control, courteous and happy to be there.  If you come across as a positive person who is fun to be around, you’ll be amazed at how strong the reaction will be.
  • ·         Always remember, the director truly wants to like you and is on your side. Have fun and enjoy your audition! The rest will all fall into place

The rest, as they say, is magic-fast forward to today, his training must have paid off because Zack went on to be accepted into the Disney College Program and has now been a full-time Cast Member  as a dancer and performer in Entertainment at the Walt Disney World Resort making magic for thousands who come to the most magical place on earth.