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Have A Smile-Pass It On- National Share Your Care Day

A great life would naturally bring more meaning, purpose,love, laughter, wonder and adventure to our days.And, at the end of your journey you would look back on a life of significance rather than regret— knowing in your heart that you left the world a better place than you found it! Knowing that you made a difference in the lives of others and you got something wonderful out of it and gave something wonderful back!  A great life, of course is not something we experience, it’s something we create!

Zack Disney College Program

This old world has seen a lot of trouble.

It seems like one big trouble spot.

But you know, it’s not such a bad place to live in

It’s the only place we’ve got.

And the folks that live here, they’re all right I guess

Though we’ve sure gotten ourselves into one heck of a mess. 

Everyone seems to think that the other fellow is not quite up to par.

Things would be different if there were more like him-

The trouble is –there are.

Now I don’t go along with those that say things won’t ever change, but in this world of plenty, it does seem kind of strange

That there isn’t enough of everything, for everyone to go around.

Some have too little, some have too much.

There’s hunger where plenty abounds. 

There’s no one group to blame because we’re all in the same boat and together we’ll sink, or together we’ll float.

No, I look at it this way.

Inside people, all people, there’s a divine spark and it’s still burning, though the world’s getting mighty dark.

It’s a spark of goodness.

A spark that makes people great and we’ve got to get that spark burning hotter than any selfishness or hate.

Recognize that spirit in the people of all creation and you know

You might start to see folks acting like human beings again.

Who knows-they might even start to get along


Share Your Care Family Zack and I

It only takes a moment to #ShareYourCare

  • Smile 
  • Make Eye Contact and Listen 
  • Say “Please” and “Thank You”
  • Practice Kindness in everything you say and do
  • Exercise patience
  • Allow Compassion and Empathy to guide you through each day
  • Play
  • Do something for someone else-for no reason at all-just because….
  • Know that if you woke up this morning, it’s already a good day
  • And above all else- treat people with respect – a small act of kindness and reaching out may be the thing that can save a person’s day, or even their life.
  • Smile

In kindergarten we have three simple rules-Care, Share, Be Fair……think of how the world could be if we all lived by those -“who knows, we might even start to get along…”

Share Your Care Take Time To Play


How do you Share Your Care?

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