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Countdown To Halloween Monster Project Under $10!

This week we’ve got some great last-minute ideas for Oct. 31 starting with our Halloween Monster Project for under $10. It’s so quick and easy and won’t break the bank and that you can try for yourself with almost little to no prep. Here’s how easy it is to turn your front door into a door any Monster would be proud to call his own!

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We see those crafts on Pinterest all the time, we pin them, and then we attempt to execute them. Halfway through we find we don’t have the supplies or the time to be successful. Maybe it’s just me, with a nine-month-old and a three-year old I know that time and money are always a factor for the fun. I am a Halloween lover, that might be an understatement, I believe it to be the happiest time of the year! This year I wanted to involve my three-year-old as much as possible in the fun. I told him we could decorate the front door as anything he wanted. He told me that he wanted Sully from Monsters to be the front door decoration.  While this Halloween Monster Project is not an exact replication, this was how my son wanted it to be. So it was. The goal was not to take too much time as his attention is easily lost and for it to be easy for a family to do on a budget.  So here is the pieces: One vinyl tablecloth from Target cost $3.50, Tissue paper package, $1.25, poster board, $.69, peel-n-stick eyes $2.99 (coupon for 40% at craft store). On hand supplies: scissors, duct tape, and a pencil. So for under $10 you can do something fun with your family and get into the Halloween spirit.

Halloween Monster Project for under $10

The first step was to mount the table cover to the front door (the dollar store carries table covers in the basic colors of the rainbow but for this “Sully” I found the color at Target to work the best. But you could save $2.50 by getting a different base color.

door lock mark

I used my fingernail to lightly trace over the lock on my front door and also cut the opening for the handle. Trim the excess around the edges so all the tape is hidden when door is closed. I used duct tape to secure the table-cloth.

Halloween Monster Project for under $10

After that was done Keegan put the peel-n-stick googly eyes on the door. (I let him choose where they went, this was his project after all.) Then “we” drew teeth and horns for the monster and he placed them on the door. His favorite step was making the spots.  We tore the tissue paper into 4 sections and he balled it up. I added the tape and he put them on the door. tissue spots

He had a great time with this project, took about 15 minutes and he loves sharing his finished project with the neighborhood. I can’t wait for our Halloween party for all the kids to see the door!

Halloween Monster Project for under $10

What other quick and easy ideas like our Halloween Monster Project as you countdown to October 31?