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Gululu Go Water Bottle-The Safe, Fun And Interactive Way To Stay Hydrated This Summer

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BraVoMark and Gululu.

Summer is here and that means that it’s time to enjoy the long, hot days that come with it but it also means that now more than ever that we want to make sure our kid’s health is of the utmost importance and that starts with staying hydrated and the best way to do that is with the new advanced version of the Gululu interactive bottle –  Gululu Go.

Gululu Go Interactive Water

If your family is like ours we are already huge fans of the Gululu fun interactive water bottles, the safe, durable, shockproof water bottles that with their advanced storytelling technology, make it fun to make sure that your child gets the hydration that they need throughout the day. In fact, truth be told, it’s not just for kids! It’s my water bottle of choice to not only makes sure that I am getting enough water throughout the day but to show firsthand to my students that drinking water is not only good for you but fun for you too.

This fun water bottle has a screen on it that features a tamagucci like pet, and throughout the day as your child drinks their water, they can also embark on an underwater adventure, helping its pet to get back to its lost Planet Ima.

Gululu Go Interactive Water

The gamification of the bottle and the new pet-friend encourages kids to drink water, while parents stay updated about their kids intake through the dedicated app! When your child drinks water, it awakens a virtual pet that lives inside the bottle, engaging your child in play. The built-in sensory technology measures your child’s fluid intake and relays the information to you through a linked mobile app. Your child’s virtual pet needs water to stay happy, grow and evolve.

Gululu Go Interactive Water This mutual caregiving builds the foundation of joy in drinking water. Together with their pet, your child is challenged to save the Gululu Universe from doom. Through play children discover that water has the power to nurture life, incentivizing healthy drinking habits. The whimsical and creative world of Gululu awakens your child’s imagination. Water is made magical, paving way for lifelong healthy living. And even better, you can choose from three fun colors-yellow, blue or pink, so not only can your child have their own water bottle in their favorite color, but in households like ours where we have two girls, it’s easy to identify whose water bottle is whose.

Gululu Go Interactive Water


Gululu was created with a simple mission-to find an easy and fun way to ensure that the kids of the world are hydrated and they’ve accomplished that and so much more. Gululu believes in transforming healthy habits through play which turns into healthy living for a lifetime and thanks to the  Gululu interactive bottle and now the “ Gululu Go”, they are doing just that. Did you know that when you bring home a Gululu interactive bottle for your child that it also means that you are helping hydrate the world, one child at a time because for every bottle purchased a child in a developing country is being provided with a clean water well for life through their partnership with
Gululu Go Interactive Water
This summer, make it a fun, safe and healthy one and show your children how much fun it is to stay hydrated and help them develop those habits that will last them a lifetime and bring home a Gululu Go interactive water bottle for them and pick up one for yourself too! And because Gululu wants everyone to stay healthy, right now the Gululu Go is available for a special 35% off Pre-Sale Price so you can pick up interactive water bottles for the entire family.  Gululu Go-it’s the safe, fun and interactive way to ensure that your family stays hydrated this summer.