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Give Your Child The Gift Of Creativity And Imagination With Great Pretenders

How dow we love anything and everything from Great Pretenders? Let me count the ways! As a mom and an educator I love things that will unleash the creativity in children and let their minds, expand, create, dream and grow where their imagination can make a leap and know no bounds and Great Pretenders allows for all of that and so much more.

 Great Pretenders-

When you give a child the gift of creativity you open up a new future to them and Great Pretenders unleashes a world of discovery and imagination like no other.  I have always believed the best way to encourage a child to explore is to give them a blank canvas and no expectations other than to have fun.  

Great Pretenders-

Luckily for all of us,  Joyce Keelan founder of Great Pretenders felt the same way about the gift of play, creativity and dress up as we do.  Great Pretenders is known to the industry to maintains a family business feel given it’s unique story. Joyce started the company back in 1989. As a  Queen’s University graduate with an engineering degree she was one of two women in the class and originally worked for an oil industry giant.

Great Pretenders-

However, Joyce always had an entrepreneurial motive and one day when shopping at a toy store, she was disappointed by selection of imaginative toys, which also gave her a business idea. She went home and made a pair of puppets for two-year-old Kate (current Creative Director at Great Pretenders). The puppets proved so popular she set up a home-based business, produced 5,000 units to start, founding her own company and the rest as they say, is history. The wonderful people who bring Great Pretenders from dream to reality are constantly on the hunt for great fabrics, trims and findings which can be transformed into inspiring pretend-play toys for children.

Great Pretenders-

Not only do they aim to provide the best value for your dollar, but they strive to be as innovative as possible in what they make. For example, all of their products are easy-care and with maximum sizing flexibility. They also make great strides on the creative end – the popular reversible costumes & capes are fan-favorites and have won several acclaimed toy awards.  I know from personally bringing one home for my grandkids to try, that this is creativity as creativity should be.  But the best part was what started out as project for 5 year old Hailey, quickly became a family affair as everyone joined in the fun.  What other dress-up toy could say something like that? 


Great Pretenders offers a full line of dress-up clothes for boys and girls of all ages and the best part is there are no limits but your child’s imagination as to what the finished product will be. 

1. Color-A-Puppet Set
Great Pretenders-

As alive and vibrant as the children who put on the performances! These puppets will nourish any active imagination. Each kit comes with 2 reversible puppets; 4 characters to jump off the adventures. Using the 4 markers, these puppets will come to life to get the stories started. Get ready to be entertained by all the shows these puppets will inspire. 

2. Hooded Spider CapeSpider Cape Great Pretenders



Tell the one and only Spider-guy if he ever needs a cape, give us a call! This is perfect for any superhero, whether they have the super power of an insect or not. Constructed with a printed red satin, this cape features an over-sized spiderweb print, trimmed in black. Oh, since this is called the SPIDER cape, we added a few extra-larged eight-legged insects constructed from black, foam-backed velour on top too. A satin spider-hood is attached. You’re welcome!

3. Create it yourselfGreat-Pretenders-Lyssie

Children love to take control and create their own outfits. Great pretenders offers a line of customizable costumes that allows kids to create their own super heroes and this unique line has been sparking a whole new generation of superheroes among youth.

4. Make It Creative! – Tutu Design Kit
Great Pretenders-
The Make It Creative! range is a new collection of products that were designed for crafty kids! With our Great Pretenders® emphasis on quality, these sets are filled with lots of pieces and tools for budding fashionistas! The Make It Creative! Tutu Set includes 125 pieces and a full tutu! Use the pieces to decorate your very own tutu with gems, pom poms, buttons, ribbons, cord, and beads! 

Great Pretenders-

Give your child the gift of discovery and creativity and open a whole new world to them.  Great Pretenders-it’s what play and dress-up should be.




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