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Get Out and Enjoy – Spring is on the Way

Some days just call to you to get out!  It’s that time of year when here in the South we get an occasional extraordinary day!  And those days practically scream for you to get out and enjoy them!  We know the long hot days of summer are coming, but these beautiful spring days are simply too gorgeous to miss.

So last Saturday my husband and I decided to ride somewhere we hadn’t been before.  We live in the tri-state area of Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.  This area is blessed with beautiful mountains, gorgeous fields and lots of scenic roadways.  On Saturday we headed over to Alabama to visit the Little River Canyon Preserve.

Little River Canyon Preserve

The water coming down the river was a beautiful shade of blue green that I remember seeing looking over the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean in California.  There were waterfalls, rapids and huge rock faces in the gorge created by this Little River.  The trees are still bare right now, so all the canyon’s beauty was easily visible from our car.  There were also scenic viewing areas available to stop at along the way.

We saw, and heard, kayakers on their adventure down the river.  While I was thinking how cold it must be, my more adventurous husband was saying how he would love to be down there kayaking along with them!

Little River Canyon Preserve

As we rode along the canyon edge we could see the trees, birds and an occasional waterfall outside our window.  Sometimes a drive in the country is just what you need to get your mind, body and soul to relax.

It was a great day and I’m so glad we took the opportunity to get out and enjoy just a taste of what our area has to offer!  Look around where you live and I guarantee you you’ll find adventure not too far away!  For more information about the Little River Canyon Preserve visit

Little River Canyon PreserveLittle River Canyon Preserve