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Fresh Picked – From your Backyard to your Table!

Container GardeningSummer is the perfect time for fresh picked vegetables in your kitchen and on your grill!
But if you’re like me you don’t have a perfect garden spot and even if you did you probably don’t have the time or equipment to plow and do all the other necessary things to make a large garden successful.

Container Gardening

A couple of years ago I found the perfect solution to this problem!  While shopping at my local Home Depot I spotted containers (with wheels no less) called City Pickers.  My eyes glazed over slightly as I pictured bushels of green beans, piles of squash and baskets of tomatoes!  I admit I was a little overzealous with my expectations!  But I decided it was worth a try and purchased four of the rolling miracles to attempt to make my fresh picked dreams come true!

I’m not going to tell you that you’ll save tons of money by growing your own veggies, because especially the first year that’s not the case.  But the joy and feeling of accomplishment those fresh picked goodies will bring you isn’t something you can’t put a price tag on!  And even better, you’ll know 100% what you’re feeding your family!  You will have full control of what does and doesn’t get used own your plants.  And there’s nothing better to share with your kids than the experience of watching something grow!

Container Gardening

Container GardeningMy family and I were amazed at how our veggies grew and thrived in such small spaces!  We have lots of trees around our home so I was constantly pushing my containers into the sunniest spots – those wheels were perfect!  The City Picker containers are designed with a water reservoir in the bottom and a tray that sits over the reservoir to hold the soil and plants. There’s a tube that goes directly into the reservoir that provides a way to water the containers. This is especially helpful for forgetful gardeners like me!

There are lots of container options on the market to help you make your own fresh picked dreams a reality!  So get our there and grow something!  And better yet – eat it up!

City Pickers are available from and also from  There are also instructional videos on YouTube!  I’ve used mine for five years now and they still look new!