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Free Good Dinosaur Pumpkin Carving Templates & Activity Sheets #GoodDino

The Countdown to Halloween continues with this free and easy to use stencil the will turn your plain ordinary pumpkin, into one that features all of  the warmth and glow of Disney•Pixar’s movie for the entire family The Good Dinosaur. 



Once the carving is done, you and the family can all sit down together and enjoy these free activity and coloring sheets. Simply download them to your own computer or right click to save.   The-Good-Dinosaur-Pumpkin





This Thanksgiving get ready to be reminded the true meaning of what family is all about through the good times and the hard times and be prepared to be swept away as the The Good Dinosaur” enters its way into theaters across the country and into your hearts. With this brand new trailer fromThe Good Dinosaur, it’s easy to see how this is the movie that will touch your heart and mind, stay within your soul.

Like all things Pixar, this is a movie that is designed to make us laugh, to make us cry but most of all, tell a story in such an eloquent way that it will leave you wanting to hug and reach out to everyone around you. And yes, this is also one of those movies that will demand that you bring a tissue or two or three. The film presents an epic journey, an unlikely friendship, and an emotional wave that swells from deep within that is meant to put you in touch with deep-rooted feelings you didn’t even know you had.  


Without giving away too much of the plot, The Good Dinosaur asks the question: What if the asteroid that forever changed life on Earth missed the planet completely and giant dinosaurs never became extinct? The Good Dinosaur centers on Arlo, a young Apatosaurus who becomes separated from his family not long after losing his father. He soon meets Spot, a human cave-boy, and the two set off to find home. While traveling through a harsh and mysterious landscape, Arlo learns the power of confronting his fears and discovers what he is truly capable of. This is vintage Pixar fare at its very best with a smart reversal on what Sohn calls “a boy-and-his-dog story”.



What’s brand new for Pixar is the animation style: The Good Dinosaur is the studio’s first film to use photorealistic environments and at times you have to remind yourself that this is an animated movie. This may be a world that has very cartoon-like characters, but it also looks so incredibly photorealistic that you have to remind yourself at times that this is an animated movie.


A single friendship can change your life and today Disney*PIxar celebrates 20 years of the friendships that have stayed with us over the years with this very special tribute.  Here’s a look back at the friends that have touched all of our lives.

 What will happen to Arlo and Spot in their quest to be reunited with their family? Mark your calendars and get ready for The Good Dinosaur, roaming into theaters November 25


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The Good Dinosaur Opens November 25